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SueNH 05-27-2012 07:18 AM

just boring happy news
Rode my Katybug beyond the home pasture yesterday for the first time. She is finally got enough weight on her where a little light riding will do her some good. It's more building muscle back up than weight now.

I'm alone 99% of the time so I was going slow. It was just too glorious a day not to ride out. She did great. Only went about 2 miles. I decided a neighbors house with a tall horse would be my goal, for no other reason than I know she would have a mounting block in case nature called. Tall horse, short, 53 year old lady, something you think about.

Tiny bit buddy sour but nothing dramatic. Only tried to turn back a bit if I slacked up the reins too much. Little bit of calling out. We made it past the horse eating chipmunk on a stone fence. She spooks by just freezing in place suddenly.

Mostly we did the drunken sailor walk down the dirt road. Little bit of pacing, little bit of running walk, little bit of broken washing machine and some "what the heck are you doing?" gaits. I wasn't worried about what her feet were doing much on this trip. Mostly I was gauging what her mind was doing. Yippee! She has a working brain.

A fieldstone driveway marker was the biggest boogie we encountered. I tried to push her past it but she stopped and looked straight at it. Took her own few steps toward it. I could feel she wasn't going to freak out so I let her go. She walked a little stiff up to it and bumped it with her nose like she had to just double check that it was a nothing. I've seen her do this at home a few times so I was pretty certain that was what she was up to. When we were mounting up she had to bump the plastic on my greenhouse with her nose when it flapped in the wind. When I first brought her home she bumped the grass in my pasture repeatedly like she couldn't believe she had just been turned loose in 20 acres of food. Never had one do that before but definitely something I can live with. (Unless she feels the need to bump the bull moose standing across the trail.:shock:)

It's another beautiful day. So I'm stepping away from the computer and heading onto the real trails.

Skyseternalangel 05-27-2012 07:24 AM

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Well congratulations :) That's a nice milestone!

May you continue to have lovely rides with her

vthorse 06-25-2012 05:46 PM

That's great!

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