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MyLittlePonies 05-27-2012 01:53 PM

Mares Hormones
I don't have a computer so I can't very well look this up, but here it goes.
Can and do all mares produce an udder even if they've not been confirmed in foal? Meaning is it age specific or after being pregnant or what? Domb question I know. My 14 mare kind of has been having issues getting foal. She seemed to of came back into heat again in ten days after she went back out of heat...then went back out then the following week she came back in?! I'm confused. I'm job hunting this week so I'm a little short at this time to get her tested. She's been mean to her gelding buddy then nice a few seconds later. Ah! Hormones! I covered her the first week of May I believe. Its written on my calender of the exact dates. Is this odd enough? I covered her with a very tiny udder now its kind of gotten bigger. Its gone today but she's back in heat.....
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CLaPorte432 05-27-2012 03:08 PM

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No all mares do not. My mare is 43 days pregnant and she had NEVER had an udder. They look the same as they always have. I've never noticed them being different sizes throughout the months or years as she's aged. I've had her since she was 7 months old.

Every mare will behave different though. My mare is not hormonal the way that many other mares can be.

MyLittlePonies 05-27-2012 09:01 PM

I understand. She's not in heat. Played us for suckers and talked to the stallion loads when I brought him around for a stroll. He had interest in her but when he pulled a fast strike she squeeled. The gelding got in infront of her before I could pull him back. Gelding was just being friendly but it sure don't match the event by a mile. :P
As far as what I've explained on her cycle this month, should I just have her pregnancy checked to make sure she's not playing two halves? That's my current thinking. Plus I might be looking into another feed because I wonder if it would be a problem in her getting pregnant. She's on Purina Senior. She's a 14 yr old now open mare whose never had a foal. Any opinions there?
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CLaPorte432 05-27-2012 09:22 PM

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I doubt the feed has anything to do with it.

She might just be a mare that is either difficult to get bred, or she may never conceive.

If she was exposed to a stallion, get her checked. You never know what might be hiding. But I think you might want to give up with this particular mare, you've been trying like crazy to get her bred and some mares just aren't cut out for it.

If you were to try anything else to get this mare bred, I personally think it'd be a big waste of money. You've done injections, medications, artificial insemination etc. Bentley covered her.

I think if you really wanted her bred, just turn her out with the stallion and leave them together. If it's going to happen, that's the way it'll probably happen. Let nature take it's course. The stallion and mare know better then you when the mare is ready to conceive.

MyLittlePonies 05-27-2012 09:42 PM

Today I was tempted to let them pasture breed minus the gelding. I've not had her on Regu-Mate though. But yeah.....pasture breeding might be my last chance. Alas, I'll be checking her tomorrow just to see what happends. Last time I did this she came back in two days later so who knows....she was talking to him and he dropped. It seems like history might be repeating itself but I'm still having her pregnancy checked either way. infact, I just went over it with her and we're thinking about letting him do his job since this is getting rediculous.
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