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WesternRider 05-29-2012 09:48 PM

dumb newbie question
So lately when i have lunged my horse i keep hearing this weird noise coming from his gut and now its very loud. Someone had said has his sheath been cleaned and of course i said i dont know ive never had a horse before LOL. So if it is his sheath how on earth do i clean it. berts fine with me getting his private parts wet. but.... cleaning.... his ... member ????????? lol

JSMidnight 05-29-2012 09:52 PM

It is probably his sheath. I have never heard that if you hear it you need to clean it. But this link might help you on sheath cleaning.

Skyseternalangel 05-29-2012 10:04 PM

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I have never heard of that before... and I have a gelding.... sure it isn't just his tummy screaming "FEED ME!" ?

WesternRider 05-29-2012 10:05 PM

nope it only happens when he trots

Speed Racer 05-29-2012 10:08 PM

It's not his gut, and it's not because his sheath is dirty. It's air trapped in his sheath and scrotum. Perfectly natural, and all male horses make the noise. I call it 'the squooge', because that's what it sounds like to me.

JSMidnight 05-29-2012 10:13 PM

Just looking around I found this.

"Sheath Noise: I have heard more crap about this topic. The noise you hear when a male horse runs or trots does NOT mean his sheath needs cleaning. That is the most absurd thing I have heard and I hear it a lot. This rumor is promoted by people that know little about a horse, want to give advice and just keep passing on this bunk. Here are some other things I hear about this noise; the noise is made since the testicles have been removed, because the sheath is dirty, because air is trapped, it is when the horse is tense and only geldings make the noise. You will hear this noise normally when a horse is trotting but can also hear it during a canter. When a horse is tense, stressed, being resistant, showing frustration, excited or is trying to show dominance, he will make this noise. Not sure if the horse does it intentionally or by reflex (I think it is intentional). It is a squeaking, grunting or honking noise and sounds like trapped air being forced out or kept in the sheath area. Some say it happens when the horse pulls his penis up higher into his sheath which creates an air pocket. It normally happens when a horse is tense (resistant). When a horse is relaxed you will normally not hear the noise. I think you will also hear it when a horse is showing resistance or dominance. A stallion or proud cut gelding will make the noise when entering a herd or trying to attract attention to him so he can impress the herd and announce his presence. Is he doing it intentionally or by the fact the he is tense and showing off, not sure, but I think they know when they do it. A mare will not make this noise, so I have to think it has to do with the male parts. When a horse is trying to impress mares or about to defend his position to another horse, I would say he is tense and showing dominance, which would coincide with the idea that the horse is tense and excited, which could mean he is retracting his penis and creating an air trap. The next time you hear this noise, see if the horse is being resistant, testing the owner, showing dominance, or is not wanting to do what he is doing. You will find is has nothing to do with a clean or dirty sheath. So please stop the rumor that the sheath is dirty and that is why the noise is there,it just ain't so."

Horseman Tips - Think Like a Horse

WesternRider 05-29-2012 10:14 PM

LOL its such a weird noise .... i never thought i would have to clean his member LOL

Skyseternalangel 05-29-2012 10:16 PM

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If it sounds like some sort of spaceship (I kid you not) my horse does this when he's nervous and trying to poop but nothing is coming out.

I sound crazy, don't I..

WesternRider 05-29-2012 10:19 PM

i dont think hes showing off or anything like that as there is no other horses around and it only happens when he trots (i cant get him to canter on a lunge line) but i dunno im just a newbie

WesternRider 05-29-2012 10:20 PM

LOL na u dont sound crazy sky

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