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horsestar8100 07-31-2008 04:47 PM

What has your horse picked up in his feet?
Last tuesday, my instructor wanted me to ride her horse. He's a good boy, and pretty as well (what appy isn't?). Any ways I got him from the feild he was in, after I groomed, I began to pick out his feet, and I saw something shiny in his foot. I cleaned around it, I thought it was a circular peice of metal, but I looked closer at it and realized it was a croncho from a saddle. He wasn't in pain, or he would have limped or given some indication he was lame. Luckily it wasn't even 1/2" deep, and towards the front of the frog. The thing I got out of this was a learning experience on how to put a poutance on (she was just being cautious, it wasn't oozing or anything. He wasn't even lame) a hoof. He moved his leg, but it was more of, 'What are you doing to my foot?' than actual pain. She even trotted him out on the hard drive way, and he wasn't lame. So has your horse picked up anything unusual?

SonnyWimps 07-31-2008 04:56 PM

the weirdest thing that my horse picked up in his foot was a carrot lol....

Gingerrrrr 07-31-2008 05:18 PM

the weirdest thing?? a rock and some poop. lmao its not that weird but oh well....

Pinto Pony 07-31-2008 05:45 PM

Unfortunately I have picked up lots of rubbish from trail rides :( Kai has had a piece of broken plastic with a screw through it in his foot, he was limping :( And he has also had a piece of flat and rusty metal wedged in his hoof too :(

There are way too many jerk people who dump old cars and rubbish on our trails, we have cleaned up soooooo much on our regular trails but we are always on the look-out for more.

firemom1 07-31-2008 06:11 PM

Balls of snow!!! :lol:

loosie 08-04-2008 12:39 AM

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Ummm, it wasn't my horse, but the funniest I've heard(well, many I've told didn't see the funny side...) would have to be a duckling!

Someone I know had a clydesdale on her farm and there was a clutch of ducklings that would wander around. Nobody noticed there was one duckling short one day, until the owner went to pick her clydie's feet! :shock:

palogal 08-04-2008 12:42 AM

Clumps of ice.

jeddah31 08-04-2008 02:41 AM

the clicky down part of a clip :S

Dumas'_Grrrl 08-04-2008 10:43 AM

I picked out a skittle.....My son was running around with them and one got squished and stuck to the horse's hoof. :lol:

Thankfully that is the only off thing I have ever found. Plenty of rocks tho...

Salty_alydaR 08-04-2008 02:32 PM

mostly really big pebbles.

but once, i was bringing a horse in from the turnout and i noticed he was walking funny so looked at his feet and i found a really thick piece of wood wedged in his shoe :shock: then he nickered gratefully at me when i took it out..hes so sweet :D

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