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Malice 05-30-2012 05:59 PM

From the last month *Pic Heavy*

Malice 05-30-2012 06:05 PM

Tejas 05-30-2012 07:39 PM

Nice place and crew! Do your horses always wear their halters? I've heard different people do diff. things. I like the fence you have!

Malice 05-30-2012 08:03 PM

No, they never usually wear their halters but they hadn't been in this particulay pasture before (hence the high grass) and the fences, though pretty, are not the most sturdiest thing in the world so if they hit the hotwire and happen to kick it the could knock a plank out. We just left them on as a precaution. :)
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Skyseternalangel 05-30-2012 08:13 PM

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What a beautiful field.. very nice horses too :)

Is that dry lot behind a plot of farmland or an arena?

Malice 05-30-2012 08:47 PM

Its rather big arena, but everything is connected so we could use it as a a dry lot if need be with access to the barn for shelter while the other horses could go the other pasture and have access to the runs with lean-two (?) shelters.
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