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saraequestrian 07-31-2008 11:43 PM

I'm in lovee
So Chloe has a back that has a back thats hard to fit. So her saddle fits okay, but not great.
Chloe, being a moody mare, has days where shes relaxed and stretches herself, but a lot of times she is tense and hallows her back. The tree fits fine there is enough clearance from her withers/pommel, it's just that her saddle was actually putting pressure points on her back. Finally we decided to A) get a new saddle or B) get a nice gelly pad. We decided to try plan b, since the saddle is only a year old and the fit wasn't horrible. So after a little shopping, I picked out a pad.

...and I LOVE IT! Chloe has never felt better. She is actually rounding by herself... before id have to work really hard to get it. Her transitions/canter... amazing. She is no longer in pain... the only times she gets tense and hallow is when shes confused or throwing a hissy fit. I'd HIGHLY recommend this to anybody who has a horse with back problems. It's a tad bit pricey and you have to take good care of it, but its so worth it.
Chloe had about 2 months off from the saddle because of her stitches and colic, she got a rare bacterial infection and a lot of proud flesh... hence my inactivity on this forum. So her back has had some time to heal. She just got back into work this week. :D

rubyrules 08-01-2008 12:01 AM

Jeeze...that is expensive. Sounds like it was worth it though. I'm looking for a new pad for Ruby too. Her saddle doesn't fit her properly...but I think I can fix it with a saddle pad. I actually need it built up more in the front..I'm not sure if this pad you have would help with any of this.

iridehorses 08-01-2008 07:14 AM

Ruby, I'm going through fitting with a hard to fit gelding. My saddle was too wide so I used a buildup pad in over his withers. It placed the saddle properly.

My particular problem is that he has narrow withers but a good back. I ended up buying a new saddle that fit his withers and back but he still has a hollow behind his withers that makes the saddle bridge. I'm having a pad made to fill in the hollow without affecting the wither or back area.

This is the first horse in 30 years that I've had a major problem with and 6 saddles of different trees and gullets can't cure. Based on the white hairs on his withers, he has been a hard to fit horse all of his 11 years.

Anyway Sara (and I'm sorry if I hijacked the thread for a bit), I like the pad and wish it could solve my particular problem. I'm glad it solved yours.

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