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HorseyHan 06-02-2012 01:14 AM

Liberty Training Ideas
Hi guys! I got my horse in December and he has been doing great! I've started doing some liberty work with him and he's doing magnificent! I have started free lunging him (no halter, no restrictions) I have an arena that does not have any panels around it, so if he wanted to he could just run down to his buddy but he hasn't been! :D:D I've been trying to get my hands on Clinton Anderson's (fav trainer EVER!) intermediate and advanced packet thingys. But until then I need more ideas of different liberty training ideas/exercises. Please and thank you SO much! :lol:

LadyDreamer 06-02-2012 11:37 AM

Look up Cynthia Royal.
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julianeAHS 06-02-2012 07:04 PM

Hey, I've been doing liberty training for a while and it's great fun! I use Clinton's methods as well. My favorite exercise (which I have yet to get on video) is the "run up and rub" exercise - start with a lead and jog towards your horse. This will freak horses out at first, but just rub your horse's head until he calms down, then do it again. Sometimes you must work at this for a while but then eventually you can sprint towards your horse and he will know to stand still. Then, you remove the lead. I now can sprint towards my mare when she's in her pasture grazing, even if she hasn't seen me in a couple of days, jump on, and take off at a full gallop, no bridle or anything. I don't condone this because it's important to warm up your horse but it's kind of cool that we can do it!
Anyway, here's a vid of me and my mare (one of the flying changes isn't good...I have to fix the vid) that I uploaded yesterday...our bridleless training results. Might give you some ideas.

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