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skeeterbugluv1633 06-02-2012 08:31 PM

Well, My Colt Is officially "Started Under Saddle!" ;) :)
Well, My horse, Sharp Dressed Romeo(AKA SKEETER)( Is my American Paint/American Quarter Horse Registered Colt who foaled June, 16th, 2010 Out of my mare(who is due in around ten 10 days!) I've always exposed him to these things, hes been halter trained at two weeks, hes been to neumorus horse shows, has finally had the big boy saddle on him(not the first time) but he is going to be worked with every day, until riding time comes. He has the most collected trot, but beautiful! I am training him in western pleasure, and I am Hoping the best for him! :) I Just thought I'd Share! ;) :D

Breella 06-02-2012 10:10 PM


cakemom 06-02-2012 10:31 PM

My word he looks strikingly like Flicka!! Gorgeous boy!! She's the same cross, just two years older.
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skeeterbugluv1633 06-03-2012 11:49 AM

aweh! Cakemom! really? he will be two June 16! ;)

skeeterbugluv1633 06-03-2012 11:55 AM

hes not a cross, just double registered

cakemom 06-03-2012 01:49 PM

Right, same as her double registered...I just didn't write it correctly. Even my husband was like, omg!! Here is a Flicka photo for comparison
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horselover21 06-03-2012 09:01 PM

He is so cute! :)
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cowboy bowhunter 06-04-2012 03:24 PM

You started him under saddle. Dont that mean you have started riding him?

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