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jessiebutcher09 06-02-2012 09:36 PM

sick sheep
We have a lamb that is about 31/2 months old, he has been stealing the pony's grain for a few days and now he has a fever of a little over 103 , he is not eating, and has a bloated a belly but only on one side. Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do, we have already given him baking soda and water mixture and made him drink that and we have given him 1 cc of penacillin and 1 cc of thiamine. If anyone knows of anything else it would be appreciated thanks

themacpack 06-02-2012 09:49 PM

Call the vet - and don't dose with anything else until you actually know what you are treating....antibiotics are used much to willy-nilly these days.

jessiebutcher09 06-02-2012 09:59 PM

But he does have a fever so i know that he has to have some sort of an infection, I had something like this happen to a sheep a few months ago, I have just given Oscar what the vet gave us for Jellybean, I took us almost a whole day before we got Jellybean to the vet, she gave him the penacillin and the thiamine but it was too late and Jellybean died the following morning. I don't want to see the same thing happen to Oscar. We obviously won't be able to get him to the vet till tomorrow, I just gave him that till I can get him to the vet tomorrow, hopefully this will help him hang on long enough:(

mtngrl7500 06-06-2012 03:51 PM

What is in the pony's grain, like, what kind of feed? There are things that sheep can't eat that other animals can. We have to be very careful when we put out tubs and stuff for the horses/goats because there is some nutrient in it that sheep can't have too much of. My husband is the "sheep/goat herder" so I'm not sure what it is. Also, are they turned out to pasture or any kind of grassy/weedy lot? There is a plant called purple mint that is highly toxic to ruminents and causes bloat and will kill them overnight. We've lost some goats because of it and now not only do we spray for weeds we also walk the pasture and physically pull it if we see it growing. Thankfully our 13 acres is broken up into smaller patches so we can rotate and we aren't walking a huge area at a time.

Foxhunter 06-16-2012 08:45 AM

Sheep do not tollerate copper well so an over indulgence of this can cause problems.
It could be that he has bloat from eating to much grain.

mysticalhorse 06-16-2012 09:16 AM

I think it would be the copper too. Sheep can not have copper at all it is deadly to them. Call your vet asap!
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jessiebutcher09 06-16-2012 07:24 PM

It was just a case of bloat we saved his life by giving him the thiamine when we did:) He is great now

SaddleUp158 06-20-2012 03:46 PM

Please get sheep feed for him. Unknowingly, we fed a sheep horse feed and he ended up dieing an ugly neurological death due to the copper. I don't want anyone to have to experience that.

jessiebutcher09 06-20-2012 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by SaddleUp158 (Post 1557511)
Please get sheep feed for him. Unknowingly, we fed a sheep horse feed and he ended up dieing an ugly neurological death due to the copper. I don't want anyone to have to experience that.

Yes we always only feed him lamb food, I have heard about the copper poisoning of sheep before so luckily we knew that ahead of time.

jessiebutcher09 06-20-2012 06:20 PM

But he did accidently get nto the pony's feed that week, we should have kept a better eye on things but i didn't realize that he was such an escape artist, now it is impossible for him to get the pony's food:) Lesson learned!!!

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