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horse_luver4e 08-01-2008 09:14 AM

TWH x Paso Fino?
I wonder what gait a TWH Paso Fino cross would have? lol weird I know. :) A really fast running walk lol! :lol:

Barbarosa 08-02-2008 01:52 AM

It for sure would be a mover. Don West a trainer-breeder of peruvian pasos started crossing them to gaited mountain horses to increase size and give them a little better temperment. Brenda Imus another trainer of gaited horses crosses TWH's to appylosas to get Walkalosa. Imus also claims that she doesnt care what breed a horse is she can tell his gait just by looking at the conformation. I think there is something to this but dont by off on everything she tries to sell, and she does try to sell.. and sell... and sell... most of her training dvds you buy are more like informercials to buy more of her stuff :evil: ...some of her stuff is good some is just a bunch of hooy. :wink: I also have a friend who is breeding Foxtrotter mares to Jacks to get gaited mules...Man are they cute.. He keeps tring to get Maureen and I to breed our rocky mountain horses to the jack and will buy every mule that we want to sell.

ajegberg 08-03-2008 03:11 PM

Quite a few years ago, I knew a couple of people who crossed Peruvian Pasos with TWH. As I recall, the horses were able to perform the gaits of both breeds though they certainly had their dominant, preferred gait.

I don't believe that they had practical reasons for crossing those breeds, but they were happy with the resulting horses. They were sweet, big-bodied and eager to please.

warthog 10-12-2010 12:59 AM

Bringing this one back up because it is interesting.

TW's have this swivel butt action even when they walk that is very very different from the way paso finos move so I wouldn't think this would be a very good cross or really see a reason to do it. Paso finos now come quite large - there are several that are 16 hands and 15 hands are becoming common and contrary to popular opinion there are many very mellow paso finos out there and these are two of the characteristics common TW's so since they are already in paso finos I can't see the advantage from that direction. As far as TW's are concerned too many have been bred to pace without the big shoes and if there ever is a need to bring back the gait breeding to a paso fino may do it but I suspect there are other gaited breeds that would have an action more similar to a TW with strong gait that might be better.

All the mountain horses, Icelandics, Florida Crackers, and Foxtrotters all cross well with paso finos and several would benefit from the extremely strong gait of the paso fino. Until they identify the gene that causes the connective tissue problem in Peruvians I would avoid any that don't have both sides of their ancestry still alive and sound at 25 years so I can't imagine any breed wanting to go to Peruvians until they solve this problem. It is a wonderful breed but the disease is terrible.

so this doesn't mean to avoid buying a cross TW, paso fino, that is nice, healthy well gaited and so on. It just means I see no reason from either side to do it as their way of going is so different.

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