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Gidget 06-03-2012 03:46 PM


Is it just me or do other people feel like this at some point?

Where to start....Being envious of others is a HORRIBLE feeling.
I feel very low but can't seem to help feeling that way. I see the students them progressing very fast. They are going to weekly rodeos and local gaming events and doing very well and winning checks and horse tack.
I am not progressing like I want. I cant afford to take weekly lessons or
go to weekly barrel races or gymkhanas. I feel that I haven't progressed enough and really want to. My trainer still helps me when I talk to her but
I wish I could take more lessons. I don't have the option to work it off.
Is there any way to be successful without weekly lessons ?

I hope I'm not the only one.

Domino13011 06-03-2012 04:21 PM

Trust me your not the only one. I don't even take lessons anymore. There's usually a couple jackpots around here but I only go to about one of those per month, and then I do about two gymkhanas per month. If I had my choice I'd be going to them every week. I've been trying to find a job but when your only 15 and can't drive yet it's hard. So I completely know how you feel. Just keep practicing! Practice, practice, practice, and don't give up. Pretty soon you'll be the one winning money and your friends will be envious of you!:D

Gidget 06-03-2012 04:28 PM

Right now I want to go to local events and get in lots of practice. It's extremely important to me.

Domino13011 06-03-2012 04:31 PM

Maybe you can find a local barn or something to find a job at to help pay for lessons and going to the local events.

Gidget 06-03-2012 04:35 PM

There aren't too many in the town I live at..She is very reasonable but seems that money is so tight right now. My trainer is also very,very good. She doesn't yell at you either which is nice.
I practice often and have been conditioning everyday. My horse has only had one day off this week. It just seems that it adds up and gas is very expensive.

soenjer55 06-03-2012 05:02 PM

Weekly lessons only speed up the process. You can still be successful, it will just take more time, as long as you have the will and the passion.

QHriderKE 06-03-2012 05:07 PM

Welcome to the team.

I had plans to be at jackpots and rodeo's in July. But now, my plans for July is being able to lope a circle. My horse changed completely over winter and now it's as if I'm starting her as a 2/3 year old again. I'm re-teaching her EVERYTHING from scratch. I had it all perfectly where I wanted it last year. Now, if that isn't frustrating, I don't know what is.

And trainer wise... never had one. They don't exist in my area, well, unless I want to drive 2 or more hours, which my parents won't let me do.

DrumRunner 06-03-2012 05:24 PM

Yep, I'm in the same boat..Mine is even a little worse actually..

My aunt recently got custody of my little sister and I've had to move to SC to help with sister for the summer and go to court hearings..NO all.. I had to give up my over all champion spot, leave all three of my horses, and now I can't even see them..let alone ride or show..I cried about having to give up being over all champion this year and qualifying for state championships..This is the first year in YEARS that I haven't been able to go to state, finish the NBHA season, and I won't be able to go to NBHA state or world.. The sucky story of my summer..

SorrelHorse 06-03-2012 07:23 PM

Hey you still got me! :lol: At TDSC next weekend we'll have all day and we can see what we can do....I, personally, think you're doing really well from what I've seen. You and Gidget are becoming a real team, you guys seem to get better. It may not be at the pace you wanted, but it doesn't always happen. Me and Selena aren't doing so hot right now either, just gotta step back and take a deep breath, then re-evaluate what you are trying to accomplish. You'll get there!

CLaPorte432 06-03-2012 07:57 PM

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Been there hunny.

You have to start somewhere. You can't just jump on a horse and be the best of the best. When I was younger I didn't have a horse that was already trained, I had to train him myself. Luckily he was such a good gelding and just went with the flow. We didn't win the first few years, but eventually as he learned the patterns, we did better and better. I was able to step up to a faster horse (pony) after years of running the paint gelding. He took months to retrain the new pony to where he was placing and then more months before we were winning.

You have to start somewhere. I didn't have a trainer. I didn't take lessons. I watched the really good racers and took notes of what worked and what didn't work. Don't take shortcuts because that'll put you further behind in the long run. It takes patience.

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