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sommsama09 06-05-2012 05:17 AM

*Australian's Please look* Winter rugs - How thick?
I've been looking at some winter rugs for sale, and noticed that 250 -300 fill is common... I live in south australia, we do not get snow where i am. I was wondering if 250-300 fill is warm enough for winter?
Also, Im looking at rugs with ripstop material, 600 denier seems to be average, does ripstop really help or is it a marketing feature? :-|
ALSO i have fallen in love with this rug(NEW ZILCO PURPLE PADDOCK HORSE RUG 6 | eBay) and was wondering if anyone has had one or can recomend a GOOD winter rug (doesnt have to be a combo). Not wanting to pay over $100 (new) or $40 (used) not looking to buy just yet, but REALLY need to research it :)

Do canvas rugs do as well as other rugs? Vise versa.

Please comment! :D

sommsama09 06-05-2012 05:27 AM

Prinella 06-05-2012 05:40 AM

I actually have that rug its a great canvas it did stretch slightly at the neck but I'm really happy with the quality.

Canvas and synthetic rugs do different jobs. I like to think of it as a jumper and a snow coat. Ours get a canvas on when it starts to get chilly April usually I think.
Then when it gets COLD they move to synthetics. If its NASTY they might even get both!

Synthetics often dont breathe so they can sweat in them if you're over rugging. Canvas breathes so they dont tend to sweat as mch.

I have this rug on prin atm
AXIOM 1800D BALLISTIC GRN/BLK 300g CB - 5' 9 | eBay

im in melbourne btw

I wouldn't look at a synthetic less then 1200denier and love these ones. Have one in its 4th winter in a barbed wire paddock on a gelding who plays constantly and plays ROUGH. its just got the smallest pucker.

Ideally you want both a rug for when its chilly and one for when its COLD

Neck rugs on synthetics are good but a personal choice. If its a bit warm removing a neck rug or even unbuckling it will help them regulate body temp.

All of this depends on your horse, its breed, age etc

I hope this helps feel free to fire more questions at me.

sommsama09 06-05-2012 05:57 AM

Thank you so much for replying Prinella, i will look into that brand of rug.
Im not sure what horse i will be buying, butam doing my research so your answer was really helpfull :)

Prinella 06-05-2012 06:12 AM

oh weightwise I generally go 300G. This system is what I use for 'normal horses' QH, WB , appy. TBS sometimes need more, ponies normally less

HowClever 06-05-2012 06:24 AM

I find that a lot of people over here tend to over rug their horses.

Our climate is not one that necessitates the use of heavy weight rugs for the average horse. In fact a lot of horses would do just fine not being rugged at all. You only have to look at horses that live in climates that get snow that don't get rugged to see that.

I do rug my horses. I do it for my convenience more than anything. So that I can pull a horse out, give it a brush and tack up or whatever. Much easier than spending ages currying off mud and poop!

However, it is a commitment. You can not just throw a rug on and leave it. They must be checked regularly to make sure it hasn't slipped or come undone anywhere. Twice daily is preferable! They must be removed regularly for grooming and to check body condition. You must also watch the weather forecast and rug accordingly. Nothing peeves me off more than seeing horses standing out in their paddocks rugged up to their eyeballs on days where the temperature is upwards of 20 degrees!

If you're horse is healthy and in good condition I can not see any reason they would need anything more than a 200-300 gram fill rug. If they are clipped I can see them needing a layer underneath (woolen). Anything more than that without a legitimate reason and you're heading in to "over-rugging" territory.

As far as canvas vs synthetic, I find it is often personal preference. I HATE canvas rugs. I know people who hate synthetics. As long as the rug fits well and you are paying attention to the weather I think it really is just a personal thing.

skyebonanno 06-05-2012 06:32 AM

I bought the axiom 1200 denier with the 300 gram fill from eBay and it is fantastic,fits fantastically doesn't move :-)

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