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WPshy 08-01-2008 09:13 PM

Good bloodlines?
I was wondering If anybody could tell me If my filly had good, decent or possibly bad blood lines. I got her 2 days ago (wed.) and she Is an AMAZING riding horse. The lady said she showed her In english and western pleasure and she placed In both classes. I don't doubt It, but I always thought they had to neck rein in WP?? She has a nice jog and very natural low head set.

mlkarel2010 08-01-2008 10:31 PM

I'll try. Is she a quarter horse? And it helps to have the bloodlines to look at too :wink:

WPshy 08-02-2008 08:54 AM

Both lol, well 3/4 I guess you could say but she has APHA papers. Wow, what really sucks Is having a blonde moment when you ARE blonde. lol

mlkarel2010 08-02-2008 04:52 PM

I would say that she has Okay, to mildly decent bloodlines. Way back she has some super stars on there (Three Bars, Sonny Dee Bar, Leo, Joe Reed II, Kingfisher) But most of it is on her Dam's side. If there were more on the Sire's she'd have better lines, or if those big names were a little closer. This is just my opinion though

WPshy 08-02-2008 05:41 PM

Kingfisher Mccue Is on the sire's side and is her great grandfather?? I don't see any Kingfisher on her moms side??

girl_on_black_pony 08-02-2008 05:43 PM

they're okay

mlkarel2010 08-02-2008 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by WPshy
Kingfisher Mccue Is on the sire's side and is her great grandfather?? I don't see any Kingfisher on her moms side??

Sorry I didn't mean to say that Kingfisher was on her Dam's side. I was just listing all the big names. Which all but Kingfisher are on her Dam's side.

Hope that clears things up :D

WPshy 08-03-2008 07:33 AM

I use to own a grandson of Sonny Dee Bar, he was a palomino, It was a few years back. I was going to use her for WP, she has a super awesome jog and has a natural low head set. She has pretty decent conformation, I was thinking of breeding her In a few years when she's older. After she's better established In the show ring. Does anybody know how good Dandys Dee Bar, Dandy Seeker, Double L Straw are. They all say there show winners and producers? I've never heard of Kingfisher, but my friend said he sired the most famous mccue foal or something like that?

The other filly she had, had Impressive, Zippo Pine Bar, Top Yellow etc. But she was so hyper, yet the lady said she wasn't hot? She wouldn't even stand still, and when my mom got on she wouldn't go forward she kept backing up, my mom thought she was going to get throw. I think it was because my moms a little big for her, because she was TINY around 13.2-13.3H and I don't see her getting over 14.1H. As I'm sure you know, people are not Interested In ponies other than for kids. She was only 2 but I don't for see her as a child pony. Shy on the other hand, she is taller, and would be GREAT for children, she don't care If she stands, moves, whatever. Not spooky, easy to control, and she doesn't "cow hop" In to her frickin trot!

smokygirl 08-04-2008 06:48 PM

She has okay lineage. Nothing really impressive. Just avg run of the mill lines. I personally am not a fan of some of the horses, but just my preference. They are all decent.. but way, way back. It concerns me a little actually, as if she had anything great closer up, it would be known. The horses she has, just nothing about them is spectacular.

It's possible she could make a breeding prospect, but I wouldn't really say her pedigree is one I'd breed on.

WPshy 08-05-2008 09:12 AM

I think building her own show reputation Is one I'd breed on. I talked to my friend with a Dandys Dee Bar grand daughter, just like mine. With Two Eyed Jack In her back ground on her fathers side, as a weanling she placed In a few open shows, about a month ago she sold her unbroke for $1,600 and the girl called her and said Sunday they took her to a show and she placed 1st In all her halter classes. I thought maybe being shown gave her more value. But she's unbroke, my mare Is a VERY well-trained 2yr.old and has already placed 1st In western pleasure and english pleasure. So I think thats just as good, not that I'm ever going to resell her lol. But Its to show, with the market, people want good show and trail horses. You can't ride a pedigree, I think a horse molds itself. Incase she didn't succeed as much as I hoped In the ring, I wanted to know If her pedigree spoke for Itself. I see that Is hardly does, but from every horse I've ever looked at out of her pedigree has a show record. Does that not speak for Its self?? Her entire pedigree Is full of ROM and championship producers. You the only reason people like Zippo Is because of his HOF titles and championships. But you know how many foals he sired? How Is over breeding desirable? That is disgusting to me, that and I've yet to meet a pleasant Zippo bred horse. They always act like there on crack. So I feel a horse with a good pedigree should always hold there own some how. I do not like "breeders" who have "brood mares" only. At least most champion producers have been thrown In a ring or at least BROKE. How are you to know that this horse could producing offspring not for the ring. I think many people a picking up on that, they know prefer broke over pedigree. I've seen people trying to sell those "amazing" pedigree'd foals for about $3,000-$6,000 and they never will. Not when I found the same pedigreed weanling for $600. I found a great grand daughter of Smart Little Lena, and pepto for $600 she was a stunning red roan. Then the other day 3 palomino weanlings out of Smart Chick O'Lena, Whimpy, Docs Prescription and more for $200. So you honestly want to believe pedigree Is selling lol, you know she was only asking $500 for Cheyenne. Training alone I wouldn't even hear to selling her under $1,500 possibly more. I would trust her with my 6yr.old nephew she Is so calm and level headed. How many people can say that about a 2yr.old :roll: not to mention somebody wanted to trade there 3yr.old AQHA out of good lines for my well-bred TWH gelding. Problem Is he's a well trained beg. safe trail horse and the only thing her mare knows under saddle Is neck reining and walk. I think she was trained In a fast manner as she just turned 2 In april. But If she ruined her, Its not showing, and I think she Is to forgiving. Thanks for everybody's Input, If she doesn't become a hit In the ring, I most likely will just buy me another better bred mare for trail and breeding. There's just not many horses with the temperament of her, and that's one thing I cherish In a horse. When riding you trust that horse with your life, If there snots, and testy. Can be aggressive, stubborn, lazy, do you really think good blood lines will out breed that lol. A foal stays with there mother day after day until weaned, you don't think she'll pick up some of her mothers "quirks" as she leaves??

Call me old fashion.... I'll take that non-pedigreed older horse with a little bit of toeing with the heartiest temperament and attitude. Over that ill-tempered, stubborn mule of a horse with top notch breeding and conformation any day. My walker Is a direct son of WGC MoTown Magic, out of some of the best gaited walkers around and he Is a total @$$ when he wants to be. But under saddle he Is as dead as road kill, and great for beg. He's so calm he barely wants to move, so I guess your In or out on some things. I don't know, I guess i look for the horse more than I do the piece of paper.

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