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WPshy 08-01-2008 09:24 PM

Neck Reining
Does anybody know any books or maybe an article on teaching a horse to neck rein? I have the sweetest little Breeding stock bay filly, and she Is really well started. Flexes both sides very nice, soft In the mouth, moves off seat and leg, very easy to move, she will bend and flex, walk, trot, canter. Dead stops, backs, I love her to pieces. I only had her over night and jumped right on her In the pasture and she rode 10x better than at the person I bought her from's house and she knew the lady since she was born. As the person I got her from, bought her from her best friend when she was weaned. But I don't think the lady really liked, her as she had another Zippo Pine Bar bred mare. That she liked because she was more "athletic" than Shy. Though she knows about everything, she doesn't neck rein, and I feel this would be important In WP classes. She said she placed In WP and english pleasure with out knowing how to neck rein. I guess you could say I'd "prefer" It, she's VERY willing and I don't think It would take her long. I have a 6yr.old walker I'm trying to teach to neck rein, and either he Is very stubborn or I'm not doing It right :?. I was told that when you go to direct rein her (pull her head) you lay the other rein on her neck and push when you turn. To teach her to move off the rein pressure, Is this right? I have a show In Sept. and It wouldn't hurt my feelings If she doesn't learn It by then. But I'd like to atleast start working on her with it :).

Harlee rides horses 08-01-2008 09:29 PM

What you do is plow and neck rein at the same time. Eventually she will associate the neck pressure to turning. Also whenever you turn apply pressure with your outside leg. If the eventually doesn't work after time, cross the reins under her bit then whenever you put pressure on the left, it means go right...
Get what I'm saying?

WPshy 08-01-2008 09:31 PM

Yup, I get what your saying :). Thanks, I tried that with my gelding and he just ignores me. I always put a little leg when I turn her, the lady I bought her from said It makes her flex her barrel a little more, and makes her turn look neater. Thank you :), I'll try crossing the reins with my walker. A lot of people say walkers don't neck rein, but I've rode about 4 that have, so I thought I'd atleast try with him :cry:. Like I said she seems to pick up on what you want fairly quickly.

SonnyWimps 08-01-2008 10:26 PM

my horse, no matter how hard I tried, he would NOT neck-rein. He was stubborn and wouldn't listen. I switched barns to a barn that was huge in Parelli and I tried some of their methods and I'm hooked. Sonny picked it up was easy, for both me and him, and takes a short ammount of time (at least for my horse it did).

First off, neck reining isn't about when you move your hands to the left, that your horse turns left. There is SOOO much more than that. Your whole body MUST play a part of it, or else the horse will never catch on. Just using your hands really means nothing to a's mainly your legs that will guide him when you neckrein...though with lots of training he can associate just using your hands with it.

Go out and buy a carrot stick (the parelli stick) not the expensive one...just get one at a tack shop. I got mine for like $'s not orange, but who cares on the color..
Depending on your horse (I wouldn't do this with a horse I didn't trust...just this part, I'll explain at the end what do to if your horse is kinda unpredictable, etc) this is how I went about doing it.
Take the carrot stick ( .....make sure the string is detachable...if it isn''s NOT a carrot stick) and take off the string (also called the Savvy worries, I'll just call it string lol). Take it and tie it around your horses neck...not tight, you want it to be able to move around your horses leg and enough room for you to be able to grab on to it and use it as if you were asking a horse to neckrein with the reins.
Now using JUST a halter and lead rope (just in case you need to make an emergency stop for some reason), mount your horse (you can do this bareback or in a saddle...does not matter)...but keep the carrot stick in your hands. Ask for a walk and then go on the wall of the arena (or if using a roundpen just go around it). Go clockwise (just explaining it if you were going clockwise). Keep the carrot stick in your left hand and use your right hand to stay on the string...don't move the string.
When you are ready, put pressure on your left leg...remove all pressure from your right leg, and turn your WHOLE body to the right...that includes moving your hand and the string over to the right as far as you possibly can. Now, let's say your horse just continues to go straight, take the carrot stick and bring it down to where your horse can see it from his back. If he still won't move...move it back and forth (left to right) and your horse should move over then...Sonny did not need to go further.. If your horse still does not respond give him a tap with the carrot stick. A horses face is sensitive, so you don't need to do it hard. Your horse should turn by then lol...never seen a horse not to. Then just keep asking him to turn right...repeated the cues.
Now if you go counter-clockwise, put the carrot stick in your right hand and stear with your left...and then when asking to turn...put pressure with right pressure with left...and than yeah...just repeat the steps.

If your horse is unpredictable..then just use the bridle and forget about the halter and rope and string .

Sorry it's soo long...cookies to you hehe

FYI: I am HORRIBLE at explaining things. If you get confused, drop me a PM and I'll try to clarify. Also I can make a video of the steps if it's easier

Arrow 08-01-2008 10:27 PM

Here you go--very easy to follow directions:

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