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xxBarry Godden 06-07-2012 05:51 AM

A Little Hairy Welshie
A little hairy Welshie

Last weekend we went to a Jubilee Bank Holiday Horse Show in a neighbouring village where competitions were running all day from an early start. There were the riders, some young, some old, some not so old, all of whom were doing their thing on horseback with parents, friends and helpers looking on. We toured the grounds of the show and watched some of the events in jumping, showing and dressage. It was all very British.

What caught my eye was one junior show in which youngsters of about four years old upwards were jumping over one foot high fences. The age of the kids varied, the height of the fences was the same for all. The name of the game was to compete in front of a small crowd. Rosettes were given out to all with gay abandon. There was lots of laughter and ample good will.

One pair caught my eye in particular. A young girl say four or maybe five years of age maybe almost 12 hands high from sole to the tip of her riding hat, crop in hand, dressed in all the finery of hat, riding boots, back protector gloves and tweed sports jacket, mounted on a hairy Welsh section B came into the ring and made her way over to the start.

She looked around then gave the pony a tap with the heels and off they went at a brisk trot towards the first of the twelve fences. The pony knew its job. Trot, trot, trot, it went with the young rider rising up and down in perfect unison - then the couple came to the fence of crossed poles at which point the pony slowed to a walk and gently stepped over the poles, one leg at a time. This process was to be repeated over the remaining eleven obstacles. The pony was being very careful not to dislodge the rider as it ‘jumped’ the bar.

At first I watched in amazement, but then I started to smile. By the time the couple had reached the end of the course, I was laughing so much. The pair had earned its clear round - or rather the pony had. All the rider had had to do was to keep bobbing up and down and steer the pony which could not read the numbers on each obstacle so had to be shown the way. Perhaps the mini horse could not count.

The pony no doubt is worth a fortune. Its obvious concern to keep its young rider safe was laudable.

Who had trained it I wonder? I watched a beaming youngster ride back to the gate of the field, rubbing the neck of the little hairy cob which by now was making its way, nose high, out of the ring at the very brisk short length, pony trot which can be so uncomfortable for us older folks. One thing is for sure that miniature rider is heading for great things in the horse world as she grows older.

Personally I had reached the age of 38 before I discovered the sport of horse riding. Looking back to when I started to learn how to ride, I could have done with a grown up version of that hairy Welshie.

Susan Crumrine 06-07-2012 06:32 AM

great story! I just wish there were pictures!

xxBarry Godden 06-07-2012 06:50 AM

Wot no pictures
Sorry Susie - no pikkies taken.

The visit was all part of my rehabilitation - could I look at horses!.

Over in the corner of one arena there was a rather special cob gelding, about 15.2, with silver mane and tail, nicely rounded with a good conformation and a kind eye, which caught my eye out of 100s of other horses. I slowly made my way over and said hello to him. The rider who was mounted up looked down in surprise. I asked about his breeding which she said was ' cobbie'. whereas to me he looked distinctly Andalusian - but Irish cobs sometimes do.

The horse then turned his head right round, bitted up in a double bridle- and nudged my pocket for one or more of the treats which he could smell were in there. Of course I could not give him one with a bit in his mouth.

I think the rider thought I was a bit odd - but I said good bye and walked away. At least I didn't cry but my voice was a little croaky

My wife said: 'no' - 'you can't have another horse'.

But what do I do with all the tack in my tack store?

sckamper 06-16-2012 12:12 AM

AWWWW!!! I can just imagine that little kid and the pony... too cute.

Thanks for the story, it made me smile:D

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