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Spirit Lifter 06-07-2012 12:31 PM

Got bucked off and ended up in the ER!
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Yesterday I was at the most beautiful place! A bed and breakfast for riders and their horses. Beautiful restored farm house in Craftsman Style architecture, 100 year old restored barn with lush pasture enclosures and a wonderful group of lady "horsey" friends.

We started off doing an obstacle course with the horses. First was a mailbox you get the newspaper out and in the backside. All 4 horses passed with flying colors. The second obstacle was a plastic black 6" diameter corrugated french drain that was connected at the ends to make a complete circle on the ground. The goal was to get the horse into the circle and make a 360 without the horse stepping out of the piping. 1st horse, fine. My horse fine. 3rd horse while rotating in the circle got leg up and dragged the piping making it rear, dump the rider and bolt. That made mine and another horse spin and bolt about 20' while mine started bucking. I flew off at the 3rd buck landing in a clump. Couldn't breathe or move. Got up and wanted to faint so sat back down. My horse didn't leave me even though she was loose.

After ice packs and much pain, decided to go to ER and make sure nothing broken. CT scan normal, major contusion on hip and ribs, sprained knee. So basically all was good.

My question you think she was just bucking at the bolting horses who were 10' feet running straight at us or was she trying to get me off? She has never bucked before other than running and playing in the pasture with other horses.

Helmet on order so please no lecture on that. Also, once healed and in the saddle, is there something I should do first or just trail ride as normal?


Hearts Song 06-07-2012 01:07 PM

Well, think about it. If you were her, would you try to get out of there as fast as possible if a horse was coming at you dragging a pipe? She was probably just spooked :), if she's never bucked you off before and is perfectly calm doing little things like what you just described you shouldn't worry about it. Get back on and keep riding! She was just doing her natural instinct to run when she thought she was in danger. That's what horses do, they're flighty by nature.. even the most bomb proofed horses will spook once in a while!

tinyliny 06-07-2012 01:12 PM

I would guess your mare just got unsettled by the other two horses rearing and bolting. About the only thing you might have been able to do would be to have pulled her into a one rein stop the second she started to bolt. But, once the get going, it's reallly hard to put that into action. When they are bucking, that's the only thing that will save you.

That isn't a very good obstacle course if a horse can easily pull it apart and onto himself. But, it's always good to work on those sorts of challenges whenever you can.

Hope you feel better soon.

farmpony84 06-07-2012 01:17 PM

She got caught in the heat of the moment. First the horse spooked and with a horse you do have that fight or flight reaction. She obviously took flight before deciding what or where the monster was coming from or who it was going to eat. Then her adrenaline took over and she threw some bucks. I have a feeling she just got lucky when she dumped her rider...... :(

I hope you feel better and get back in the saddle soon.

farmpony84 06-07-2012 01:19 PM


Originally Posted by tinyliny (Post 1536553)
That isn't a very good obstacle course if a horse can easily pull it apart and onto himself. But, it's always good to work on those sorts of challenges whenever you can.

Agreed. They probably should have used poles or definitely something more solid.

texasgal 06-07-2012 01:19 PM

Take pics of the bruise.. it'll be braggin' rights some day!

I'm certainly glad you are ok!

eclipseranch 06-07-2012 01:22 PM

First off I'm glad you didn't get seriosly hurt! Bonded horses usually don't "try" to throw their is just as scary for them as the rider... They do however, very easily flip to the natural tendency to fear for their life when something out of the ordinary suddenly happens...( a pipe being drug certainly fits that category) ;). My recommendation is just proceed like its any other day when you feel up to riding...if you don't feel tense & apprehensive, neither will the horse! Good luck!

xJumperx 06-07-2012 01:24 PM

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Think of it this way - horses are herd animals. It sounds like these horses are staying together, so they must have formed a little herd. It's just natural. One horse out of this herd taked off out of sheer fear. Think of if you and your best friend are walking in the woods. Your friend spins and yells SNAKE! You didn't see the snake, but do you really stick around and look? Maybe it was just a stick, but just in case, you take off.

Horses rarely buck for the purpose of dumping a rider. Greenies? Yea. Bad minded horses? Yea. Your sweet pony? I doubt it ;)

mls 06-07-2012 01:27 PM

Bucking is typically a pain or fear reflex.

Once you are back in the saddle - business as usual.

Glad you are ok!

Corporal 06-07-2012 01:32 PM

ALL of the horses that day weren't ready for this test. My old herd would often watch other horses misbehave but NOT follow that lead in the 26 years that we went to local and national Civil War Reenactments.
You NEED to train to desensitize. Here is what I am doing with my two 6yo's tomorrow, since I'll be home all day.
1) Take geldings out and tie to tie spots
2) Complete grooming, including fly spray
3) 15 minutes lunging training/each
4) Till the small training ring right across the fence from them
5) Leave them tied one more hour, while I garden--100 feet from them.
6) Turn out and repeat at noon, while I MOW next to them, literally.
7) Turn out and tack up to school and ride when my family gets home.
ANY thing that you can expose your horse to in a controlled situation will prevent this from happening again.
Try to put in training EVERY DAY POSSIBLE this summer, even if it's only a 10 minute session on the ground, but establish leadership with every training session.
My lesson horses--1st 10 years of horse ownership--were ridden OVER 1,000 hours/year. I tied them up to eat their grain every day, and they were worked/ridden by students with me teaching, on the ground, in the middle of a small arena 5-10 hours/week, from April to October, at least 3 hours every Saturday, October to April. Then, we threw them in the trailer for weekend events.
NO WAY can I duplicate THIS, but I can use the same principles. Horses get sweeter with use, just like a violin.
ONE MORE THING, whenever you can pair up your horse with a seasoned, well-broken older horse. They will gain confidence bc the older horse will NOT buck or misbehave when another horse gets fractious.
If you want MORE ideas, PM me.
Really sorry that you got hurt. **hugs**

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