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girl_on_black_pony 08-02-2008 05:19 PM

Help with my friend's horse....[rant]
Okay. I have been helping my friend retrain her horse. the horse (stormi) got injured, and was off work for a year, then was on work for a few months, then got injured again and had been off work for 1 and 1/2 years. Now she is extremly barn-sour and HAS to be with her friend, the only other horse on the property. She is extremely lazy, and bucks and throws her head when she has to do work, excpecially away from her buddy.
I suggested to just start riding her and doing groudwork and spending loads of time with her so she would respect her owner (my friend) more. It worked for a while, but now she gets extremely mad/hot when she has to be under saddle. She refuses to do anything, and when we make her, she just bolts to the gate. No amount of yanking or jabbing with the snaffle seems to work.
I could probobly work with her and cure her, but my friend is less horse-savvy, and she doesn't understand much. Also, she wont let me take her horse to my pasture to work with.
What can I tell her to do, in simple terms, to help? I give her advice, and it worked for a while, but now she is getting no where.
Should she just give up the horse? Should she get a new bit?
Please be honest, but do not put down my techniques, because they work for me, even though they dont work for you or you don't agree with them.

palogal 08-02-2008 05:50 PM

You need to start over with ground work, and lunging/round pen work.

girl_on_black_pony 08-02-2008 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by palogal
You need to start over with ground work, and lunging/round pen work.

Yeah, she is going to borrow my longe line. Do you think it is okay to lunge in pasture? She doesnt have a roundpen or even a paddock.

palogal 08-02-2008 06:10 PM

Do what you have to do, although for your safety and hers I'd recommend her parents send the horse to a trainer for 30 days or at the very least discuss the feed program with the vet.

girl_on_black_pony 08-02-2008 10:49 PM

Yeah, I thought about getting a trainer but I dont think she will. She wont even let me take the horse :/

palogal 08-03-2008 02:27 PM

Be a good friend, and suggest she get a trainer. Or wait until she gets hurt, and then maybe she will listen. Unfortunately, some folks take an injury or two before they realize the problem is bigger than they are.

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