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jmc 06-10-2012 11:08 AM

Looking for gaited horse trainer/instructor in Northern VA
I have a young RMH whom I am training myself. However, I have no experience with gaited horses, and although I have found good advice on the 'net in general, it's looking like I could use some personal assistance in helping set Yankee's gait. I know he can, right after his last trimming he suddenly did this silky smooth gait with no issues, I thought it was the saddle rack but folks who have watched my videos say it is a stepping pace (whatever, it was awesome). As his toes have grown out a bit he's gone back to the foxtrot as his preferred gait, he'll gait fine for a few strides then switch in back to a foxtrot.

And yes, I do realize that one way to fix this is to get him trimmed more often - but this is actually the very first time he gaited as his preferred gait, and I'm assuming it's from the trim as I'd rode him the day before, then he got trimmed, then the day after he was a gaintin' fool. No idea what the farrier did different this time - and she doesn't either. She trims for conformation, and does not leave the long toes. He is barefoot.

I'm not looking for someone to train Yankee. I'm looking for someone who can teach me to :) Preferably I would like someone who can come to me, but if not I can trailer him. Looking for someone reasonably near Middleburg, VA.

(incidentally, would also be looking for folks to ride with hereabouts, that have 'been there, done that' horses to help Yankee learn about trail riding outside his own environs.)

Thanks for any information!

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