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cbsandme24 06-11-2012 01:27 PM

Opinions please!
Hi everyone, I'm new here and wanted to get your opinion on this boarding situation. I had just moved my horse from a boarding stable a few months ago because I felt we didn't "fit in" at that one and they were not feeding enough per horse.

The new stable I'm at has VERY nice people, very laid back and is perfect for my horse and I in every way except a few things that are starting to irk me more and more and I'm not sure if I should be upset about these things so here goes...

First, they knew my horse needed to gain weight when we first came there and they promised to help me with that. We had him on his grain, twice daily hay feedings, etc. But when summer came they turned the horses out to pasture for a better part of the day and they still got their hay at night. He stared picking up weight out to pasture. But lately, every time I go there my horse is not out to pasture but the others (yearlings/mares) are. And my horses pasture mate (who is an older horse) is turned out because they said she needs to gain weight...umm hello so does MINE!!! I asked them about it and they said he does not go out to pasture because they are trying to let the grass grow back but he is fed his grain and is getting his hay....yet the other horses are out there? But he seems to be losing weight fast. He has been vet checked. They also said they put round bales out for the horses while the grass is growing back but guess who doesn't have one...yup my horse!

But that brings me to another problem. Deworming. I asked if I do it or if they do...they said they do. We had a very early spring but it was May before they did their first deworming and I had to ask her more than once before she did it. I told her I would have been more than willing to buy the dewormer and do it myself but she insisted to do it herself.

A couple other little things that are starting to bug me

-I have had to fill up the horses water trough a couple times because it has been bone dry and they weren't home

-There seems to be a new rule posted on their board and usually directed towards me (since I'm the only one that comes out to ride) It's usually minor things such as forgetting to pick up a pile of manure or picking up every piece of hair that falls of my horse

-They have 2 round pens and an arena but they usually have horses in them due to lack of space (they say) in other areas so I can't work my horse without having to ask them to move a horse, which is usually not a problem but I feel I shouldn't have to ask.

Like I said, they're great people. They are almost like family. They let me borrow their training dvd's (which the last stable didn't) and invite me to things....but they just seem very inconsistent with the care/rules/etc. And although the board is decent (compared to a lot of people). I feel $210/month for them just throwing out hay/feeding grain is too much for a place this inconsistent/bi-polar.



themacpack 06-11-2012 01:30 PM

Do you have a written contract that specifies exactly what you are paying for as far as turnout, feed, etc?

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