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Tayz 06-12-2012 09:51 AM

Trying to express myself to everyone
So I made a video last year after Mustards accident. I caught about 20 seconds of when it happened and it says 3 electric fences he went threw but it was actually at least 4, he ran threw so many, ripped up other paddocks fences and many of the others horses got in with the others and they were 10000 dollar showjumper horses so suprised they didnt shoot me.. I tried to add photos of how he looked afterwards, the videos of when we lost it and express how stupid it was because of an inexperienced rider owning a young green horse. Anyways the description of the video explains it more..:

Ok so I'm gonna try and keep this short. This is what happened with Me and my horse Muss. Im no world champion trainer or rider and Muss is my first horse. A 6 year old thoroughbred was defiently not the best horse for me. Yes I know that. Theres such a long story but trying to teach muss is the hardest thing i've ever done and so far theres been really no good results. In stories and movies theres always a good end, but in real life its harder then that. At the moment we are on the verge of selling him, getting something quieter that doesnt fight me on everything. But we are contemplating sending him to a trainer(he was suppose to go to one 3 weeks ago but the trainer hurt his shoulder for 12 weeks and now a new one that was going to train him is gone for 6 weeks) So anyway if you are out there thinking that you'll buy a young horse for your first horse so that you can teach eachother, dont. I strongly tell you buy something over 10 years old with experience. I dont care if you say 'my trainer will help me' thats bull****. yes the trainer will help BUT you will be the one hauling in most of the hard working and get ready for a lot of falls. This is pretty much the result of Muss and me not having a trainer or having any idea and him being fat and lazy and wanting to get out of work. but anyway, in this video you can see quite a few mistakes i made, my other video shows all the mistakes i've made but not sure if i'll upload it.
Anyways, just if your out looking for your first horse, buy something old with experience. I nearly killed Muss and all the fights we've had

Green Horse + Green Rider= Disaster - YouTube

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