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poppy1356 06-13-2012 10:36 AM

Just to be clear, I currently have a call into the vet to find out about getting a fecal egg count done. If my horse shares a waterer with the next door paddock and a horse in there has never been properly dewormed, does that give my horse a higher chance of getting worms?

I know this other horse does not get properly dewormed due to the fact they have said they had never dewormed him because they couldn't get it in his mouth. They put it in food and hoped he would eat it.

My horse is dropping weight when she already needs to gain. Her and her paddock mate get roughly 50 lbs of hay per day each. So she is not lacking in the food department. Her belly is still kind of big despite regular heavy exercise. She is also on the every 2 month deworming schedule for our barn.

Cherie 06-13-2012 12:01 PM

By all means, do a fecal egg count. More than likely though, it is not parasites if you deworm every 2 months.

I would test your hay. If your horse is going though 50# a day, the hay is either:

1) Very low quality;

2) Your horse's teeth are bad;

3) You have other health issues.

If your horse is actually eating 50# of hay a day, that would account for a hay belly.

I would guess that his hay is low in protein and he is only getting a lot of fiber and not many 'good' nutrients. He may eat less hay if you feed him a high protein supplement. There are some out there now called 'ration balancers'. It sounds like his hay needs some help. In return, he will eat a lot less hay and look a lot better.

This would be my best guess. Only someone with access to your horse and your hay can tell you for sure.

poppy1356 06-13-2012 12:26 PM

Well I am not sure if she eats 50lbs a day that's what is given to her but she is below the other horse. She most likely eats around 40 lbs a day. She was also rescued last fall so I also wonder if all the worms were ever taken care of in the first place.

She currently gets a ration balancer and cool calories and last week she was started on alfalfa (up to just under 1 lb currently) with her rb at night and she gets the barn's grain in the morning.

I'm waiting on the vet to call me back still, he's busy today.

The hay she was on was not good, but within the last 3 weeks has been switched over to a better supplier. She was only getting 4 flakes of the bad hay twice a day which was about 15 lbs a feeding until almost 2 weeks ago when the hay was increased. Her teeth were floated last fall as well and she lets me open her mouth and they all look great still, she has no issues with a bit as well.

She has tons of energy, just won't put on the weight. She is also 18 or 19 which might be a factor.

Thank you for any responses.

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