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Horselovinfan 06-13-2012 06:48 PM

Equitation Critique
Critique to your hearts desire! I need any and all help I can get.

Karamel Kiss EHA Open Pony Eq Over Fences 2'3" - YouTube

Amberish2002 06-17-2012 08:06 PM

Nice josb! Thats a lot of people to beat! At the end, I know you got the wrong lead at first, but you may have been better off by bringing him down to a definite trot and just letting it be. Seemed like he wanted to get back to the canter and then kind of shuffled along in a quick trot. That's your time to show off how relaxed you are... Even if you're not :). Personally, I'd spend some time at the trot, posting along for a while. If he's not real willing to do that for you, it's something to practice at home. Change things up on him so he doesn't know what's coming up. Canter a couple jumps, come back to trot for a while. Then do it again. Then come back to walk.. Sometimes ask for a stop. Good luck

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