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SunnyDraco 06-13-2012 09:52 PM

Please critique this "older" lady
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Princess is 24 years young and was the result of losing the gamble in breeding. Her dam had some conformation flaws and her sire was well put together, but she turned out to take all the negetives from both sides and then some. I know first hand how her gaits/movement is directly effected by her conformation. Teach me more about conformation, I want to be able to see what is wrong and why. Afterall, I know she has major flaws, looks completely off for obvious reasons, but I could only say that she has a long back, it is swayed (gotta love the 1/16 saddlebred influence), her shoulder is very upright, and unless you collect her, she has extremely rough gaits (from the time she was first started under saddle). I know she has more flaws then the obvious, I just need someone to help point them out so I can learn what they are.

This could also serve as a warning with what you may end up with when breeding horses :shock: ~on the bright side, she wasn't so poorly put together that she was unusable or unsound... just uncomfortable for the rider :wink:

She has enjoyed a worry free life from before she was born and will be where she is until the day she passes into greener pastures. Many miles on trails, years in 4-H (strange to think she never placed well in halter classes :lol: ), and giving riding lessons to beginners. If you can learn to sit her gaits, you could probably sit anything :wink:

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By the way, it is just me or are her knees a little weird? Thought I would ask since I was paying more attention to the little details. Perhaps I was just staring too long...
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Thank you :D

arrowsaway 06-13-2012 10:43 PM

What a sweet face she has :) that's the first thing that jumped out at me.
The second this was... well, her front end and back end appear to belong to two entirely different horses. Her neck is VERY long, and so is her back, and it makes her look very...stretched out, for lack of a better term. she's a bit tied in behind the knee, nothing terrible. Her shoulder is upright, but I like how her neck ties in regardless of its length. How all of this affects her movement, I can't really say. Someone else may be better at describing that.

Genetics were certainly not kind to her, but she looks like a very forgiving and gentle horse. I'm glad she has a forever home with you. :)

SunnyDraco 06-13-2012 11:41 PM

When she trots, her legs move like pistons up and down. The faster you go, the worse it gets. She cannot extend her front out so she has fast short strides. It took years and years to get her to collect the trot and canter. My dad believed for years that he was a bad rider simply because he could never sit her trot or canter. Finally got him to ride a different horse (he always rode Princess because she was a "man's horse" - in other words, she was the only non grey horse we had... LOL) and he was amazed by how smooth her half siblings were (same sire).

She is a great granddaughter of a mare that my mom and her siblings had as teenagers. Keeping a "piece" of your mare just because you can isn't the best thing to do and it was her sister that had been breeding the dam line.
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Chopsticks 06-16-2012 06:33 PM

I wonder if she's trying to gait but can't quite get into it because it's so remote in her breeding? (1/16 SB) I like her expression and kind eye. I think she looks like a Princess! I noticed her feet look off trim-wise. Not even, one has way more toe. She's a bit camped out but then maybe she is parking a bit? Her front legs look clean and has a good set to the back from behind. she also looks like she might be standing uphill in the first one, which is going to add to that 'looong' look. I love her throatlatch, good neck tie in, pretty head. I suppose the short stride due to shoulder and if she is camped out behind, she's also going to be short there, then both of those would add up to a choppy gait. Vids might help?

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