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plinkyplonks 06-14-2012 04:06 AM

Radial Nerve Shoulder Injury
Hi... new to this forum, but in need of some advice or reasurance... I was awoken last night to fireworks being set off in the paddock next door to ours, I could hear my horses galloping but after a short time they stop and seamed to settle.... So I did not go out the see them.... this morning I went down to feed and my daughters show jumper was stood on 3 legs, with his off fore leg kuckled under him and not putting weight on it, I stabled him and called the vet.... he has been x rayed all they way round his shoulder and nerve blocked down his leg and no fracture has been found and the nerve block made no change .... The diagnosis has been made of radial Nerve damage in his sholder due to trauma..... He is currently on DMSO in massive amounts and pain killers, we need to put putt under his good foot to try and protect it from laminitis.... I really could do with some advice, or talk to someone that has gone through this, the progosis it seams is a waiting game and se what happens... has anyone gone through this ??? Our horse is 15 and I worry his age will also go against his.... Would love to hear from anyone with some words of wisdom.... Thanks for reading...

Cherie 06-14-2012 08:34 AM

I cannot tell you anything positive.

I have seen two horses with radial nerve damage. One was mine and one was a friend's. Both did not recover fully. We put mine down as he continued to just drag that leg/foot.

My friend's gelding got to the point where he could bring it forward, but not all of the way. He learned to handle it but stumbled a lot, was always short strided in it and was not safe enough to ride. They kept him for a pasture pet for 2 or 3 years and finally got in financial problems when the husband was laid off and they sent him to a sale.

My Vet used IV DMSO, Vitamin B1 and Bute -- all to no avail. We think he hit a tree in a big pasture in a storm. He had an abrasion on the point of his shoulder that did not completely break the skin but look like he ran past a tree and scraped it. We could see several sets of tracks in the mud but any hair had washed off of the tree. It was not preventable. I guess S**t happens. We were sick, but it was what it was.

I wish I could offer a more positive outcome. I hope yours is better than ours. My Vet did not offer us a lot of hope when it happened.

plinkyplonks 06-14-2012 07:09 PM

Thanks for your reply, The vet has said this morning that he is trying to pur his foot down and weight bare, the nerve damage is under his arm pit as he has done the splits in front.... I am holding out hope that he will come good... I am sorry to hear you had no luck.. My vet does seam quite positive and we are in for the long haul.... once again thanks for your reply

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