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Kirsti Arndt 08-04-2008 01:17 PM

info on my show
at first it was a neighborhood show no big deal-now i am told i have to wear proper gear for an english show and I got a break down of all the stuff they judge on-YIKEEEESSSSSS =big time =western riders will be there and it is tooo big a deal for me and now i am commited.
I told my friend Al to wander the crowd and point out anyone who says bad things about Sonny-we'll step on them on the way out hehehhehehehheheh ( ******^&&&**) with their little horses (only kidding)
i hear this alot from the typical horse riders in the area =UGHHHHHH HE IS SO BIG------- ya he is a draft x

i need your support-think i am gonna be a big failure at my first show. Sonny will be fine-pockets full of carrots and he will shine for those who like the big guys

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