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xJumperx 06-17-2012 11:30 PM

Show This Weekend!! Hunter Under Saddle Critique!!
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Well, here is Cowboy and I out in the field, practicing for our HUS class this weekend :) Pick us apart, down to the core! I want people to yell at me to make me better, and yell at me to make my horse better. :D I'd like to know Cowboy's strengths, as well as weaknesses, along with mine. Excerzises would be AWESOME, but if you only have time to drop whats wrong, thats fine too :) I'd like to know what I'm doing right, but the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows :p

Here's the vid!

EDIT: Excuse the bandage on my arm - I found out I suck at riding scooters... and that asphault hurts when it burns you...

Amberish2002 06-18-2012 09:37 AM

Lookin good, girl. The only suggestion I'd have is this: I know what you're going for with changes of direction and keeping it random, I do that too. They figure out where their legs are, so to speak and learn to listen, not anticipate. I think your turns are getting a little too tiny and random for him near the tree shadows. He's trying so hard to do what you want that he's stepping on himself and tripping. Maybe make the serpentine a little bigger so he can get balanced before changing direction. Maybe there's something you're avoiding on the ground, I don't know, but seems like he needs more time is all. He's SO nice.

Hoofprints on my heart 06-18-2012 11:50 AM

Just as the post above said, i agree... love the horse you two look like a great pair together :-)

xJumperx 06-18-2012 08:17 PM

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Thank you both :D I hadn't noticed how tight things are getting ... I was trying to get him thinking ;) But He does seem to try to speed up in this particular corner, no matter what arena we are in. I think it's because of him being on the track, but I don't know how to cure it. Any ideas? Thank you for the compliments! Yes, I love my baby <3

94 views and 3 comments. Am I so bad people are speechless x.x

Amberish2002 06-18-2012 08:48 PM

Nobody's saying much lately, For anyone. I've seen where People are getting annoyed. Maybe its the crazy new lady? ;) Or maybe busy with their own. No ur not that bad... Not much to comment on. Just something to note, When you start trotting, do you fall a bit forward? Wasn't sure if it's camera angle or if it happened, If it does, just wait for him to toss you up, if you know what I mean.

Amberish2002 06-18-2012 08:56 PM

Question, If it's a different arena, how does he know which corner to speed up in? Is he going back toward the gate then? Farthest from home? Try some downward transitions at those spots, Maybe a planned 10 m circle, a halt, back, etc, until he figures out getting excited means more work. I didn't see him get quick, though. Is he worried about shadows? Make sure you are keeping the same post rythm through the area if you trot thru. Another question, Which comes first, him getting quicker or you changing something? Just a thought, not something I saw, but sometimes tb's notice things we don't realize...

Mckellar 06-18-2012 09:13 PM

For a hus I would suggest shortening your reins A LOT and your stirrups A LOT.

tinyliny 06-18-2012 09:18 PM

I thought you did quite well, and I suspect that's why there are so many views without resulting comments; they havne't much advice to offer.

I think HUS wants it's riders to have a very loose contact, right? The horse isn't flexed to the bit at all, right? the want a very free , long striding forward movement? Alll of those things you are doing well.
YOu've got a great , solid lower leg and are aligned right over it nicely. A couple of times I saw you tip forward when you horse responded too abruptly. That can be you need a bit more riding from your core, and, my main comment is to have more preparation for your turns.

The horse is wonderfully responsive, but I am guessing if he was asked to flex a biit to the inside and get ready just a bit before turning, then he would not fall into the circle as he did a few time. He has great balance and would probably make a nice gaming horse. He looks really happy with you and trusting.
I could not do half as well, I assure you.

I would maybe work toward getting him to flex his jaw to the inside right before he turns, and if you can half halt a tiny bit so that he stay over his center of balance and doesn't fall into the turn, this will make for more steady turns.

xJumperx 06-18-2012 09:25 PM

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Amberish2002 -
Asking about the falling forward, there is a small depression in that spot that caught me off gaurd, and from the angle of the camera, it looks like I never corrected it. If I had a flatter arena, that wouldn't happen ;)
I shouldn't say it's always in the same corner, but it is always just tracking to the left, and turning in one specific corner in the arena. For this one it is by the trees. I am doing serpentines to prevent him to speed up, which is what you see as I come down the left side (if you are the person videoing.) Should I change this?

McKeller - You're post is completely opposite of tinyliny's, and Cowboy works so much better off a more loose contact. I did think I need to shorten my stirrups just a hole though.

Tiny - First off, thank you for commenting ^.^ I admire you, really... Anywho, so what you recommend is to in general, prepare both me and Cowboy better for the turns? As in, prepare my core/muscles, and flex Cowboy just to let him know, "this way?" Sounds like great things to easily work on, thank you :)

~ By the way, I am likely posting a video of us jumping 2'/2'3 tomorrow that I will need crit on as well. So if possible, stay tuned ;) We will be doing two 2' courses this weekend, and one HUS class. Pretty much the Beginner Rider division :) I would do Beg. Horse, but TOP trainers compete in that, and Cowboy isn't really that much of a beginner. I usually jump 2'6", but C is only 4, and I don't wanna hurt him :3 So Beg. Rider it is! We are doing jump practice tomrow, so please, check back!!

tinyliny 06-18-2012 09:40 PM

Actually, jumper, me and mckellar aren't so different.

I think your stirrup length is good, but I ride dressage, so prefer a longer leg.

I think you might have a different kind of ride with a more steady and constant contact with the hrose's mouth. And, when I suggested that you flex the horse slightly to the inside as preperation for the turn, it would require that you have a bit more contact. If he cannot tolerate the contact, then I guess you'd have to be really "diplomatic" about it.
He goes really nicely without the contact. I am just curious if it wouldn't be nicer with some.

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