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WesternTale 06-18-2012 07:34 PM

Why are YOU proud to be a rider?
I'm proud to be a rider because when you find that horse, the one who fits you perfectly, and is your team mate, it's something unbelievable. When that horse will do anything for you, and you will do anything for them, you become a champion at the sport. I love showing, I love being at the barn, and I love the people I've met, but nothing can beat that connection you have with your horse. I love getting up when it's barely light out to go to shows and seeing your horse. when your so cold(winter shows) that you go in their stall and snuggle up to them. Knowing that when you see that one horse they are the one you are going to ride. that feeling you get when you've jumped a perfect course. You know it. Your horse knows it. And everyone around you knows it. the feeling that you know your horse knows that you are the best out there and doing the victor gallop with them.

So why are you proud to be a rider?
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