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dimmers_double 08-04-2008 07:47 PM

correct diagonal
i am currently giving lessons (this is my first year offering lessons) its a lot harder then it sounds. anyways. i am teaching western but am still having the girls post so they can get into the rysthem of the horse. (it seemed to help me find my seat and eventually sit the trot) i think i have gotten myself confused. when posting on the correct diagonal, which front foot should be in the air when i am up out of the saddle. i alsways thought it was the inside but now im not so sure. i want to make sure im teaching this right. (i havent had to post in years so this is why im confused. i know how to teach, i swear. lol :D
any advise would be great

Harlee rides horses 08-04-2008 08:41 PM

The one closest to the fence, so, the outside.

claireauriga 08-05-2008 05:59 AM

Personally I find it quite difficult to see my diagonal on many horses - often it appears like you're in the air at the right time, but you're actually sitting as that outside leg is coming forwards. So it's handy having my instructor yell at me to change the diagonal. Sometimes it seems like your rising is on a slightly different beat to the legs, because of the way the horse's body moves as it pushes you out of the saddle.

You want to be rising as the outside fore moves, so that the inside hind is freed up to propel the horse.

dimmers_double 08-05-2008 11:44 AM

so i WAS confusing myself and doing it the opposite way... thanks everyone. it has been too long since i have had to post on my horse. lol :D

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