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HorsesAreForever 08-04-2008 07:50 PM

Am I working her 2 hard??
a lot of the people at the barn say I work chance to hard, to my i dont see it. The more people that say it the more i feel bad. Do you see this as hard work??

We walk a good 2-3 laps then work up to a lap of trotting then move back down to a walk 1 lap then trot probably 3 laps then walk another lap then we throw in some jumps about 1 ft or 2 high and we basicly just trot over them another 4 laps. Then lately we've just been cantering 1/2 a lap or sometimes one whole lap.. then I cool her out. She sweats which to me is because shes not use to being ridden everyday. I gave her 2 days off...

i mean yes im tough on her and make her work a lot harder when she doesnt behave, or i gave her a good bump in the side if she didnt turn and decided to go stright.. but is it really that hard of a work out??

Someone called my horse or me idk a slave driver?? sorta in a jokingly way but still..

Should i just kinda work her real light for a week just all walk slight trotting just to let people know i do give my horse a break???

I mean I use to lunge her some before i rode her like that but i dont anymore.. >.<!

i think the longest ive ridden her is 2 hrs..

Am I a bad mommy???

SonnyWimps 08-04-2008 08:01 PM

I get off Sonny when he starts to sweat...and when he starts blowing I'll just walk him till he cools down.

It doesn't sound like you are overworking her too much. As long as you give her enough rest time I think your fine.

If I work Sonny hard for a day I usually give him a day off to regain his strength and not to associate me with hard work

mlkarel2010 08-04-2008 08:04 PM

I feel like a slave driver now... I make my horses work hard, but we have a lot of fun too!

I don't think it's that bad, but it depends on the heat and how in shape chance is.

HorsesAreForever 08-04-2008 08:43 PM

lately its only been in the 80's and i was doing it to get her in shape but i think for now im gonna go up there and just hang out with her because im afriad she probably see's me as someone who makes her work hard.

iridehorses 08-04-2008 08:53 PM

I work my horses a good 5 days per week. An easy day is just walk and trot around the field for 1/2 an hour then a little cantering followed by some cooling down. We will practice rollbacks, spins and transitions.

A heavy day may be a 5 hour trail ride through woods, across streams and bridges, with some trotting and cantering up some hills. It may also be 1/2 an hour working cattle (after a good warm up)

I finish my rides with some easy walks on the buckle and a hosing off.

So I don't think you are working your horse enough!! LOL

PoptartShop 08-04-2008 08:54 PM

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I don't think you're working her too hard, but yeah- if she's sweating a lot I'd cool her off (or just at least stay at a walk).

HorsesAreForever 08-04-2008 09:03 PM

iridehorses- lol!! wow i guess im not compared to your horses work! :P

poptart- i learned to stop when they get some what sweaty on the neck. Usually i just walk her around.

NorthernMama 08-04-2008 10:00 PM

I don't think you are working her too hard, but I don't work in an arena so I don't really know how long you are on her for the example you gave. As for 2 days off, that may be doing more harm than good. If you want, just take her for a 1/2 hour of goofing off in between, but I wouldn't work her properly like that and then give her two days off. Thats looking for stiffness and Monday morning disease (if you actually work her hard). Does any athlete work themselves up and then quit for 2 days?

You also can't tell by sweating. My mare will put herself in a sweat if she wants to do something and I won't let her. I take my girl out through rough ground for 2-4 hours at a time. A few good trots and runs in there and then we walk back home. The other day we went out for only an hour and she was sweating, but was she overworked? Not in the least.

mlkarel2010 08-04-2008 10:03 PM

When I rode Duke for his first "conditioning" segment. I rode him for four hours. Ok, before you all call 911 for animal abuse listen to what it was. It was pretty much walking and looking at everything and then some trotting and loping to a shady spot to sit for five minutes and relax and work on softening. We did some round pen work at first, but we went all over the farm to keep it interesting.

That way he likes working and I don't get bored. Ah... ADD... this is an instance where it comes in handy.

So when working with chance try to have ADD and don't try to perfect one thing. Having a short attention span will keep things lively and exciting.

HorsesAreForever 08-04-2008 10:12 PM

so working her hard then giving her 2 days off after hard work outs is bad???

maybe her slow days or days off should maybe be doing trotting in hand or if i know im gonna not gonna be there for a day do really light work the day before??

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