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Ace80908 06-19-2012 08:43 PM

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This thread is mostly so I can keep track of Ivy's progress...

Ivy is a 2 year old APHA mare by R Big Time Fancy out of Zip a Pine Design, a Zippo bred mare. I got her 2 weeks ago. This is her first picture. Underweight, feet way too long, scared to death but not mean.

In these first two weeks, we have gotten her her shots, ran her coggins, got her wolf teeth pulled, and trimmed her feet.

She has the run of the barn, with her stall door left open during the day, she can wander in and out and is exposed to everyone coming in and out of the barn. The first day we had to herd her in her stall to get the halter on, but now she is quite easy to catch, often coming up to us to see what treat we may have.

Today was a big day as we put a daysheet on her, let her run around getting used to it, then turned her out for an hour to let her hang with Scooby and Whiskey - then after dinner she got her lesson.

I lunged her and at first she did tried hard to get the pressure off her head, striking forward as she trotted and loped around trying to get the halter off - we pressed through that until she was trotting and walking around obediently. I took her to the trailer, then put our barrel saddle on her, cinched it up (but not too tight) and then lunged her at the walk while she carried it... she had no problems at all with the saddle. After packing it for 10 minutes, 5 minutes each way, I took it off, brushed her down, picked up all four feet, and practiced walk, trot, whoa on the lead. Her total lesson was about 45 minutes.

After her lesson she followed me around while I scrubbed and refilled the water tanks, then brushed her down again and gave her her grain and supplements and hay for dinner... fed Scooby and Whiskey (who Kellie, my 19 year old, rode in the morning) and closed up the barn for the night.

Ace80908 06-22-2012 11:56 PM

Ivy and Whiskey were very good today...

Ivy -

Saddled her up, ponied her off Whiskey for 30 minutes at a walk and long trot, she was very relaxed and stayed right at my knee.

Tied her to the trailer, she thought about setting back once - I told her easy and she took that step forward and released the pressure... I was pleased with that. Then she had to stay tied for 20 minutes while I worked Whiskey... she pawed but not badly. After that she was lunged for 10 minutes only working on walk and whoa, she kept trotting off so that took awhile. Then took her saddle off, brushed her down, picked up all four feet, then put her in her stall for her grain, she is on two flakes of alfalfa and one flake of grass as well.

Whiskey had an easy day. She's fat, and is now on a diet - she has paint horse congress in a month and looks like a fat pasture pony - she has accepted Ivy which makes ponying Ivy much easier. It was a hot day, over 90 degrees, so we just rode pretty easy. Cut down her feed - one flake alfalfa and one grass twice a day, and only gave her a taste of her grain... I also need to look into a neck sweat as she is chunky through her neck.

Ace80908 06-24-2012 11:46 PM

Ivy - introduced the snaffle yesterday, and she hated it - ran backwards trying to get away from it - very stressed, but we ended on a good note just walking around the pasture.

Today I put her bridle on with no problems, but it was pretty comical watching her wrinkle her mouth and open her mouth, she eventually relaxed her mouth a bit.. I stood at her side and asked her to give to pressure from both sides, asking her to bring her head to her side - she did well with that. I put her saddle on and then walked her around with her saddle and bridle, then tied her reins loosely - running them under the stirrups and tying them over the saddle seat - then put her on the lunge and she calmly walked both directions - I was very, very happy with this. Took her saddle and bridle off and tied her to the trailer to hang out while I worked Whiskey - she pawed a little, but then rested and just fell asleep - she is coming along really well.

Whiskey and I practiced horsemanship today - I decided not to go to Congress because of finances so my next show isn't for a while - but that is good because we need to get back in shape so we can be competitive. She was really obedient and we had no issues today - maybe because I am relaxed with no upcoming show stressing me out?

Hope to have Kellie get some pics of Ivy tomorrow with her big girl bridle and saddle on...

Ace80908 06-25-2012 08:23 PM

This is titled 30 days because we brought Ivy home 4 weeks ago tomorrow, but the first week we did nothing but get her used to us ... so this is after three weeks.

Ivy stayed very calm today - Kellie rode Whiskey and videotaped this from Whiskey's back :)

I don't want to lunge her daily because she is still really thin and really light boned and I don't want to stress her legs - I am getting her used to the line so I can start ground driving her, I will start that this week. She is getting used to walk/trot/whoa with me in showmanship position, so excuse the showmanship jog :)

Her headgear is an english bridle with a small o-ring snaffle and a rope halter underneath that the lead is hooked to, and the reins are loosely tied on the saddle. She is getting much better about contact.

Kellie rode Whiskey speed events today - Whiskey runs around the barrels with her ears pinned - she hates to go fast and lets you know it ... she is a big fat piggy right now.

Ace80908 06-26-2012 11:53 PM

Did nothing but feed and clean today because of the incredible thick, heavy smoke that is in the air from the fires in our city of Colorado Springs. I can see the flames from my house, but they are miles away - and I am out of the trees so we should be safe....

An incredibly sad time for Colorado as we are losing our beautiful forests to the fires - they have evacuated over 35,000 people, and many homes have been lost- over 11,000 acres burned. :cry::cry:

Skyseternalangel 06-27-2012 05:00 AM

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Very sad indeed :(

Ace80908 06-30-2012 09:23 PM

Great day for Ivy today.... I laid over her back, and she was very good :lol:

So it's about 92 degrees at 6 pm. It's hot and I waited as late as I could to work the horses. Went out and found Whiskey had shredded the bottom of her fly sheet - a very nice Rambo fly sheet is ruined - sigh.

I started out saddling and bridling Ivy in the barn - she stands willingly for the saddle and has accepted the snaffle. I took her out and started to lunge her. She spooked at my daughter's jacket left in the dirt... so I picked it up, let her sniff it, rubbed her all over with it, then threw it on the ground in front of her - she approached it, sniffed it, and then we left it there while we walk/trot/cantered both ways for about 15 minutes. I brought her into the middle of the arena and rubbed her down, asked her to give to both sides, turning her head to her side with pressure - she was alert, confident, and listening. I started jumping at the stirrups on both sides, she didn't move. I put my foot in the stirrup and lifted myself up on her on both sides, and again she didn't move :lol::lol: I ended the session by lifting myself up and laying over her back, rubbing her neck on the other side and everywhere I could reach. I was very pleased.

I took off her snaffle, tied her to the trailer, and went and got Whiskey.

Whiskey had about a 30 minute ride, working on a steady jog on a loose rein, steering (one handed, curb bit), horsemanship patterns and pivots both ways, then a few passes loping with her head steady.

I then ponied Ivy around the pasture at a walk, just as a relaxing finish. I tied Whiskey up then put my foot in Ivy's stirrup and laid over her back one more time, she took a step but then stood quietly. I got down, praised her alot ... then hosed them both off and fed them their dinner.

Great, great day.

Ace80908 07-01-2012 10:46 PM

So I watched this video last night, and decided to try it with Whiskey and Ivy today - it was a huge success and I sat on Ivy today, got off, got on the off side, sat on her, and then got back off. She had no problems, wasn't nervous at all - and I am very pleased. She isn't ready to ride yet, so that isn't our intent- I want her to be very comfortable with the concept of me climbing off and on, sitting on her, and so far we have had a great experience. :lol:

First I started off as I did yesterday, saddling and bridling Ivy in the barn then leading her out. Sacked her out with the same jacket that left out, then had her w/t/c on the lunge for about 15 minutes, she is much more responsive to voice cues now, and had no bucking or spooking. I had her reins on and ran under her stirrups and tied on the saddle seat with a little more contact and we had not fussing, she is still a little choppy at first at the trot, but is getting much more accepting and responsive. No bucking or head tossing at the canter.

Brought her back into the center and had her give to pressure both ways, then stepped into the stirrup and hopped up, laid over her back, and petted her all over - did this on both sides and she stood calmly.

Took her back to the trailer and tied her so she could stand while Whiskey had her lesson.

Whiskey is going to do some speed events this year, but really hates to go fast. She pins her ears and it almost feels like she is considering giving you a buck... so today I put the S-Hack on her and had her long trot and canter - she was really funny, she pinned her ears but I was petting her and encouraging her to run - I want her to like to run and not feel stressed about going fast. She didn't go very fast, but I urged her to move out and we will continue to do as she gets more confident.

Then I ponied Ivy and then had them stand side by side, slid off of Whiskey's back and sat on Ivy holding Whiskey's saddle horn and my foot still in Whiskey's stirrup so if Ivy darted off I would just pull back over onto Whiskey... Ivy didn't mind at all, so I petted her and then we resumed ponying. Did that at the walk and trot for about 20 minutes, then got off, tied Whiskey to the trailer and had Ivy stand right next to Whiskey.

I asked Ivy to give to pressure both ways, pulling her head to both sides, then with just a rope halter on, I stepped into the stirrup, laid over her, petted her, then swung my leg over. Sat on her, praised her, then got off. Went to the other side, swung on, sat on her, pet her all over, then got off. At that we called it a day.

Took them both in and gave them there dinner. No spooking, pulling back, nervousness - Ivy was very confident today and we had a great time. I have ordered driving reins and as soon as they get here we will start ground driving. We have all the time in the world, and am very happy at how far we have come in such a short time.

I string tested her and she strings to 16.2. Her daddy is 15.3 and momma is 16 so I will have to see, but she sure moves fancy.

Skyseternalangel 07-01-2012 11:28 PM

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I'm loving all this progress :)

Ace80908 07-01-2012 11:35 PM

Aww, thanks Sky :)

Me too, every day I look forward to getting out there and playing with them, it's so nice to see Ivy come to me, ears forward, very trusting. And thank goodness Whiskey is such a trooper - she is a big solid wonderful mare.

When I first brought Ivy home and she was so reactive, I thought for sure when the time came I would send her out to be started, but now I am thinking we will just keep going slowly but steadily... we are having fun :)

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