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Spotted Image 06-19-2012 09:42 PM

Horse Look Up / TW/Racking
Hello, I have a Tennessee walker; I would like to know if someone could look up. I have owned him for two years now, but itís past is a touchy point. I do have his papers, but itís going to be very costly to put him in our name. We have to get a hold of his owner/breeder, who we think might have passed away. He was sold to the Amish with his papers messed up. They broke him to ride and sold him in an auction. He was also saddle broke. Some beginner riders got him and them we ended up with him. His paper has been kept with him, and he is a great horse to us. You can tell his Tennessee Walker Horse Papers and Racking Horse Papers are different, a parent changes names. We believe the Tennessee Walker papers have the correct name. His registered name is KINGSFISHERS COPY and he was born in May of 2000. On his papers he will be listed as an stallion. My question is can anyone look up and she if he has a registered foals and showing experience. We was told he was started as a show horse, but to high spirited, which he is. I might be able to get the number off his papers tonight and he is on all Breed. Sorry if that doesnít make sense.

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