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Hazels 06-23-2012 12:09 AM

*Panics* THREE horses dumped on me and my friends?! HELP!
Hi, guys. My name here is Hazels and, I just joined. I joined here so I could ask one question about a big thing happening in my life right now: I got a horse dumped on me! Okay, here's the story:

A man was panicking because he had no place to put his horses, and so an extremely nice person named Kenny told the man he could keep his horses in Kenny's pasture for free; as long as he paid for food. The man took his horses over there and never came back.

So you may be wondering how I fit into all this. Well, Kenny lives across from me, and is very old. He is ready to move to a retirement center. However...that means the horses are going to be left. A few days ago, when my friends Cassidy and Taylor went over to help Kenny out with a broken trough, he said, "hey! How would you guys like some horses?"

So...when Cassidy told me she got a horse, I pretended to sound upset as I said, "hey, there's three horses! I want one!" So, that's how I got Hazel.

See, normally I'd say, "um...I'm not accepting that! I can't take care of a horse!" but if no one takes care of these horses, they'll all die. I can't...I can't do that. But there's one big problem. I don't know a great deal about horses, but I know enough. I do not know however, how much and what to feed my horse. I know hay and grains are primary sources, but I don't know how much I should feed him per pound. Hell, I don't even know how much he weighs!

I also don't know what to do about one of the horses, Jean. He is very, very emaciated. Every one of his ribs are visible. I think he needs vet treatment, but we don't have a horse trailer, so we have no way to get him the help he needs. He's pretty old, about twenty-two or so, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was his last fight. Is there anything I can do for him at home?

Another thing. Cassidy keeps saying that they eat banana peels, but that doesn't sound right. Are they supposed to do that? As stated above. I don't know a lot about horses. Another other thing. What all do I need? We have a curry comb, five bridals/reigns, a giant sack of rolled oats, we're getting some bales of hay, a bottle of horse shampoo, a container of ointment, (for sores and dry skin, I think) a bunch of buckets and bowls, a LOT of straw, rakes...that's about it.

Anything else we need? I know there's more, but nothing is coming to me. I'm tired. D: I know we'd need a saddle if we were to ride them, but they have never been touched. We are trying to find a horse trainer, but so far, not much luck. And if we did decide to ride them, (after they're tamed) we'd probably go bareback. When my mom had a horse, that's what she did. Oh, and on a side note, Hazel, (my horse) lost a horseshoe. I'm guessing we should find a professional to put it back on?

Okay, another thing. *Takes deep breath* The horses are all males, and all live in a pasture. I've never seen them go in their stalls, but I guess they do. Poop. Outside of the stalls are more buckets. Four, all filled with oats. In the stalls there are a water trough, a food bucket, and um. Wow. I guess that it's it. o_o And in the front pasture, there is a large water trough and hay. (I think there's hay. I can't remember.)

I think that's it. I know, sorry for the giant post. I really need help though. If you can help me out, Hazel and me will great you thank you!


possumhollow 06-23-2012 12:18 AM

Sounds like you all may be in way over your heads here.

If the man who owns the pasture that they are in goes into a retirement home, where are you putting the horses? The family may sell the farm or simply not want the liability of the horses.

Yes, you definitely need a farrier out there to look after their feet and it sounds like it needs to be done yesterday.

The big thing is if the old man actually has legal ownership and can give the animals away. If he doesn't have anything in writing, the actual owner can show up and claim the animals regardless of any costs you have in them.

Are the horses gelded?

Have you called a large animal vet to do a farm call. That is how you get
around the trailer issue, but you do pay for the convenience.

In my opinion, the old man needs to call the sheriff's department and report abandoned animals and then let them get a hold of a rescue.

Twenty two isn't that old for a horse, either.

ThirteenAcres 06-23-2012 12:29 AM

^^ Agreed. Let a rescue step in and handle this. They know how to help these horses and can find them a home where someone can give them proper care.

Hazels 06-23-2012 12:51 AM

You make a good point. About the whole, "where would we put them them" thing. The thing is: I don't know. :c

We aren't sure yet. The owner didn't give any information when he ditched them.

I knew it wasn't that old, and it had about eight years left, but still. At least it lived a fairly long life. That would be like dying at age seventy, right?

Oh! Side info. Kenny is buying the horses from the man because the man keeps taking advantage of him. So, Kenny is the legal owner (will be, more like) and so, since the horses have been bought, the man can't come and claim them.

Ace80908 06-23-2012 01:12 AM

So let me recap:

1. Guy across the street giving you a horse he doesn't own (and shouldn't be buying as he goes into a retirement home).

2. You know they are boys, and little else. Maybe geldings, maybe stallions, and at least one is starving.

3. You don't know how to care for them, where to keep them, or how to train them.

Let me sincerely thank you for your concern for these horses, but I completely agree with the others ... get a rescue involved and the authorities for abandonment, let your senior neighbor move in peace (he doesn't need this drama), and go take lessons to learn about horses and their needs.

If you are determined to keep this horse, here is a breakdown:

Horses are expensive to keep. They need regular vet care, feet care, teeth care. They are big, can be dangerous, and cost a fortune to feed. They need about 15 bales of good grass or alfalfa hay a month, which cost about 10 bucks a bale currently in colorado - plus grain and supplements. Figure minimum 200 a month for food.

Tack - the halter, lead, bridle, reins, saddle, saddle pad, and boots - are necessary and expensive. You can probably get everything you need off Craigslist for about 700.

Training is expensive, and you simply cannot do it without an experienced handler - it is a long, slow process and must be done correctly or you can literally get yourself killed. Trainers cost about 35. an hour if you haul to them, 50. an hour if you can get one to come to you - or about 600. a month to put your horse in training.

Board - if you don't own a pasture, shelter, and good fencing, you will need to board your horse - and horse typically must be current on shots and coggins test to get into a boarding barn (about a 150. vet bill here in colorado). Board runs from 200 - 600 a month.

I know this seems like an excellent opportunity for you - and it is - it is a chance for you to help get those horses into a place that can care for them properly, and if this has awakened an urge in you to learn about horses, perhaps you can volunteer for the place that takes them in.

Hazels 06-23-2012 01:38 AM

1. I suppose I shouldn't say "giving". He said he'd buy everything, (he's very, very wealthy) as long as we took care of them. He sort of owns them, maybe owning isn't the correct word, and again, wrong word. He's going to tell the people to get rid of the horses, or he's going to ask how much he wants for them.

2. Yeah. We know they are all fairly old, in their "ten" years or so, but that's all we know. I'd learn all I can about them if I could, but the owners gave no info what-so-ever except the age estimate.

3. He's selling his house with the pasture, and me and my buds are going to ask the new owners of the house (once they come) if we can continue taking care of the horses. But if they decide to sell the pasture...I guess I just wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen. If they decide to sell the pasture, I guess we'll have to find a place to keep them...

Oh, and I'm completely aware of the costs. I realize once Kenny moves, he won't be able to provide for us. I guess that we're going to need another backup plan. Shoot. :c I suppose it would be easiest to give them to a rescue...

I feel incredibly selfish for saying I wish I could keep him.

Tayz 06-23-2012 01:59 AM

3. He's selling his house with the pasture, and me and my buds are going to ask the new owners of the house (once they come) if we can continue taking care of the horses. But if they decide to sell the pasture...I guess I just wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen. If they decide to sell the pasture, I guess we'll have to find a place to keep them...

Good chance the new owners who pay for the property will want the whole property. In my opinion get the police involved, you say ones really unwell and starving well act fast, dont leave it a few days, get them vets, give them to the rescue whatever, your storys not adding up or maybe im just tired but you say the horses were given to him, yet now your saying hes trying to buy them? so I'm abit confused. If they were dumped and the guy left, never came back and just left tthem tto starve then ring the police now. If your still in contact with him, then get him to either get all this done himself(vet, farrier, worming, have their teeth done, shots, food, etc) Theres different types of feed, i dont know where you are located but there's a feed called weightlifter that helps horses put weight on quite good. Theres alot of different things people will recommend. Saddles and training i think right now is out of the question, focus on their wellbeing. Also no bananana peels, apples carrots are good.
I personally think your in over your head but dont feel bad if i were in your position i would feel the same as you.
It might just be in their best interest to get authorities and/or rescues involved to handle them.

Ace80908 06-23-2012 02:05 AM

The problem here is I am don't believe you are "completely aware of the costs".

I say again, horses are expensive, and honestly, you are just not ready to take this commitment on. If these horses are 10 or so, and not handled, they are simply not appropriate beginners horses - not at all.

Say your wealthy neighbor buys these horses, and the tack, and the hay, and the training. Then he goes off and the next day the horses run through the fence and require vet care - which will happen, sooner or later ... can you afford a several hundred dollar vet bill and attend to the care of a frightened and injured horse? At that point your well meaning neighbor's money just went right down the trashcan and you are stuck with a horse you know nothing about, can't sell, and a huge vet bill.

If the property sells it is highly unlikely a new homeowner will agree to you and your buds experimenting with horse ownership on their property - it is a huge financial liability for them. Plus, again you need to consider board and food for the horses.

Last, if I read correctly, there is a huge bucket of oats left out for the horses now? Please take that away - grain of all types needs to be fed in small amounts - good hay should be fed twice a day, or grass hay can be left for them at all times.

You aren't selfish for wanting to keep them - its a natural thing.. horses are beautiful and strong and amazing - you just have to go about it in the right order, and the first step is to be around horses, learn how to handle them - how to lead, tie, brush, feed, care for them. How to ride safely, develop balance and a seat and good hands - how to interpret their movements ... it all takes time and needs to be done before you get your first horse.
And that first horse needs to be safe, cared for, trained, and able to handle a rider that will make lots of mistakes and still be safe. Not the horses that have fallen into your life - these guys need to be responsibly placed into an appropriate home, and if you can do that - that would be something to be very proud of.

Hazels 06-23-2012 02:10 AM

Woah. That second sentence was...can you try to shorten your sentences please? You used so many commas I barely caught what you were saying.


No. The horses were dumped on him, (not literally. He'd die if that were so) and he said he was going to buy the horses and resell them with the house. Now that I think about it, that was confusing. Sorry.

I think Kenny said that if the horses weren't taken care of within about a month, he was going to call the police. I'm also going to call the vet in the morning. See what we should do.

Alright, I'll tell Cassidy not to feel them peels. Thanks for the info~

possumhollow 06-23-2012 02:10 AM

Just out of curiosity, how old are you?

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