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EquineCookies 06-23-2012 04:30 PM

Wanting to start reining... but no horse to learn on >.< (small vent)
I've always been fascinated by reining, and I really would like to learn. I feel that it will make me a more versatile rider. I board, ride, and work at a barn that has four reining horses and a reining-bred 2-year-old, and my coach teaches and trains in reining also. But none of the reiners I can learn on, since two are stallions, one mare has a hairline fracture in the cannon bone (but it is healing well and she should be completely healed by September if it all goes well), and the other mare is a boarder that's in training. My horse isn't trained to rein, and if we try to teach both her and me at the same time, it probably won't end well. The reining-bred 2 y/o is one of my coach's many horses, and he's good as gold. I like him a lot. I feel he has a lot of potential and if my coach trains him to rein when he's older, I'd love to learn on him once he's ready. I hope the mare with the hairline fracture would be sound to do a little reining when she's healed, I've ridden her before and she'd be perfect for me to learn on. If she isn't, then I guess I'll have to wait until another horse comes around... not that I don't mind, I'm perfectly fine with my showmanship, hunter pleasure, and hacking with Rosie :)

Just venting out my minor frustration... thanks for putting up with it xD
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