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HorseOfCourse 06-24-2012 02:11 AM

Recurring Hives
So background first..
On May 5, I got a miniature horse stallion'(now gelding.) He is 11 years old and lives in a pasture by himself sandwiched between the big horses' pasture and the zedonks' pasture.

Onto now:
From about the middle of May on I have noticed that he keeps getting hives all over his body. They come in sizes ranging from barely noticeable to rather large. He will get them one day abs they will either be completely gone from the next day to a few days later. I asked the vet about them and he said that's he's probably having an allergic reaction to a bug bite.

I fly spray him daily at the very least. Is there any way to help him out and get rid of them?
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appyfan 06-24-2012 10:25 PM

I've used histall for my horse who got hives after moving barns. After a day of feeding it to him his hives cleared up. If it is the bug bites causing the hives a fly sheet might help. Also flaxseed might help, I read this article about flaxseed helping with allergic skin reaction disorders.

Here is the article:
The Horse | Flaxseed Might Help Fight Sweet-Itch

ArabEventer 06-29-2012 09:35 PM

I have a thoroughbred who completely broke out in hives (neck, chest, face, and front legs are main areas) He was in his own pasture, had the same grain/hay he had been on, and we also gave him antihist. After the anti-hist only made a very small improvement. We mowed his pasture down (mainly the weeds) and they all went away. Could try bringing him in off his pasture for awhile to see if that helps and if it does mow his pasture down. Hope this helped:)

Saddlebag 06-30-2012 09:02 AM

Look in to Flowers of Sulphur. It is an ancient remedy for all sorts of health issues. It won't hurt to check it out. I did, just need to learn where to get it. It's mentioned in the bible as brimstone, so the article stated. It can be mixed with talc and sprinkled on the animal.

laturcotte 07-05-2012 10:51 AM

About 3 weeks ago I noticed two sores on my minis rump when I examined him up and down his right rump where his tail lays where all scabs. He was so itchy he rubbed the hide off his leg. Then noticed under his belly same thing. Vet looked and mapped a huge hive with a pen. Started him on panalog ointment after washing him down with benadine. I also use Benadryl spray for itching which works great. The trouble is its $7.99 for a pocket size spray bottle (for humans). the hive seems to be gone but the bugs we have are so different than anything we have ever had. I thnk it was the mild winter (massachusetts) we had nothing die off. When I go down to horses I have to wear long sleeves and pants bc when they bite me I get black and blue marks, no kidding. Good luck. I use Endure which use to work not so much now though.

rascalboy 07-05-2012 04:35 PM sells some allergy supplements. Maybe try them. Wendalls Herbs sells an allergy supplement as well.
Do be careful about watching those hives. My friend's horse gets hives (allergies and bug bites), and last year his case of hives was so bad that they started oozing protein and he almost died from all the protein he lost. The vets didn't keep enough in stock to replace it, either...
Anywho, hives aren't just from bug bites. He could be allergic to dust or anything really. Try watering his hay or trying to keep the dust in his stall down. You could always try a fly sheet if you want.
Ask the vet if they keep showing up. He could probably prescribe something.

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