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Hoofprints in the Sand 06-25-2012 12:50 PM

Partial lease - contract??
Ok so I'm considering the idea of partial leasing my horse to someone who takes lessons at my barn who I know would take very good care of her in my absence. I've never considered this before, so I am new to the whole thing (I half leased a horse before I bought mine, and I got to ride 2-3 times a week and paid 1/2 the board).

Anyway, if anyone has a sample contract or knows where I could find one that would be great! And if full board costs $410/month, how much would YOU charge for a 2-day/wk partial lease?

Hailey1203 08-22-2012 04:51 PM

Unfortunately, i dont have a contract.

For the price though, thats considered a 1/3 lease. So i would charge about 1/3 of the the price of board. I would charge either 100$ plus half of all feed, vet, and farrier bills, or 150$ straight up.

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