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BarrelRacer3 06-25-2012 12:30 PM

What should I look for in a barrel horse when buying one?
Ok so I have been barrel racing sence I was 10 ( for six years) and during those six year I have trained my own horses!!! But now I'm wanting to buy an already trained 3D or 2D barrel horse!!! Ok so my question is what do I need to look for in a barrel horse? Is there a list that I can look up on-line?

BarrelRacingLvr 06-25-2012 12:48 PM

You need to be sure and ride the horse at the persons place and haul so you know how the horse really acts in that environment.

Get a vet and lameness evaluation, check for scars on legs and ask about them look for bumps and such. Ask about vices, habits, what their temperament is like, how they haul, shoe, how they act when they get shots (some horses are nightmares to give shots to).

Ask about any lameness history of the horse and what caused it. How they care for the horse Pre and Post run. How they ride the horse, how they warm the horse up at a race, ect.

Just ask every question about the horse you can. But for sure ride the horse and haul to a small jackpot and see how they act. If they say no....I personally would walk away because they are hiding something. We always haul the horse to a small jackpot and let them do a exhibition in the race environment because they ARE going to act a bit different then just riding at home.
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BarrelRacer3 06-25-2012 12:57 PM

Ok Thank you

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