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KANSAS_TWISTER 08-06-2008 02:04 AM

need to vent again...i vent a
ok this is of a diffrent sort.....about 2 years ago we had a new deputy move in with his wife and 4 boy's... we got along with them (sort of have to my husband works in he same dept) .......when i first movd here 3 years ago the town was a quiet small town....type of town that if your kid does some thing wrong in will be grounded before even getting the last year we have had more problems with my husbands work then he has had in the 12 years that he been in law enforcement......ok in the last year...she has been cought driving the patrol car...yes out for a criuse in the sheriffs dept cruiser....has called the srs on too many families to count inclueding ours ( unfounded ), patrols the street late at night either on her bike or suberban while her young kids are left at home to tend to them selfs......our town has a yearly street dance at the end of a week long town selebration and for that week we all drive our atv's or golf carts (we own ours) around town....the deputy called our house because i let my 14 year old daughter take the golf cart across town to a friend to get ready for the dance!!, ...and because my husband works for the dept that this did not look good for her to be doing that.......his wife told him to call...we all joke behind her back and call officer becky......but due to her doing this she is waisting a lot of the deptartment's time and man power, first day i got my new truck she had 3 units over here searching for a grey s.u.v (i have a grey nissan titan and from the front it looks like a suv) it was mine they were looking for...ok back to the dance....a underage kid got busted for d.w.i.....i called it in because the kid almost ended up in my field with his truck (that's how drunk he was) .... by the next day the town had know who made the call.....because of her big mouth...yes my husband does tell me thing's that happen at the dept but i don't go blabbing it out to the town........there has been servral complants made against her but yet nothing has been done.....including harrrassing kids at night (we don't have a town curefew, they just move on when becky get's there) tresspassing and other stuff.....i have a feeling that he'll be looking for a new job in nov after the sheriff's elections but can a town hold on with out more problem from her?...i get along with every one at the sheriff's dept really well.....we tend to take care of each other and had half the dept at my fessant feed last year.....but noboby can get along with her nore him.....felt bad for him last year when his wife rented the church basement to throw a 50's birthday bash for him and invited the dept...of course no one came......i guess i just needed to vent because this problem has been on going and a lot of times she tries to get my kid in trouble a lot...........

Solon 08-06-2008 03:21 AM

You need to go to the City Council!! And better if you have any sort of evidence. That is some serious stuff. I don't blame you for being mad!!

DashAwayAll 08-06-2008 05:41 AM

Sounds like the guy is gonna be out of a job. Does he have a clue what his wife is like?

I really despise a spouse ( hubbys do it to) who thinks they are their spouse's job. Somebody needs to take her car keys, flashlight, little pink plastic badge, spank her butt, and sent her home. And yeah, like Stace said, complain to the city council.

Tell your kids to be on their toes for the next few months.

WHY did she send units to your house looking for a grey vehicle?

You were also quite correct in calling in the sheriff's dept for the drunk kid. He and his parents may have thought he could have been handled without The Law, but you may have just saved some body's life. I have little doubt you changed that young man's life for the better.

farmpony84 08-06-2008 10:10 AM

is her husband a deputy or the sheriff? Mmm... this is a tough one, although I'm shocked that he fit in so quickly with the "good old boys" as he's not... from there...

I don't know... in my town, we dont mess with law enforcement because my town is living in the past... I know your hubby and hers work together... ick... i just dont know.....

sounds like she's absolutly wicked and thinks she has power because of who her husband is... gotta love it... crazy people....

KANSAS_TWISTER 08-09-2008 07:57 PM

our town is living in the past also...although with a mordern jail...she is the wife of a dep not the sheriff....the good ole boy's don't like him (laugh behind his back) but for some reason the sheriff keeps him around...the sheriff comes up for election in there will be a "new sheriff in town" which in turn is the under sheriff who has taken way to many complants on the dep on him and his wife......when she has a beef about some thing that she see's (and thats any thing) she doesn't call the the department she calls her husband so it doesn't get the last 3 years i've been married to my husband i have only made 2 calls in to the one tried to knock my truck off the hwy one night and for the d.w.i on the boy. it was guestemated by some of the D.B that have clued in that 70% of his "calls" come from his wife....YEAH SHE'S CRAZZZY!!!!....with her around some one is going to get me our town tends to ......hhhhhmmmm ...cover up thing's

farmpony84 08-10-2008 03:48 PM

...just be careful! She's the kind of person those lifetime movies center around! The crazy lady that runs around killing people and setting people up to take the fall and then crying victim so the whole town is on her side while the true victim has to run around town in the middle of the night wearing just one shoe with a hole in the knee of her jeans and her hair all messy because the crazy lady attacked her with a crow bar and cut the phone lines and and and....

KANSAS_TWISTER 08-23-2008 06:16 AM

lol....uummm ok that scares turns out that her husband is in trouble with the dept for favors done for certian people around town...NAILED.....i.e expired tag on a friend van....IMPOUNDED...via order by the sheriff him self...showing local crime sceems to his wearing his service revolver to church while being off duty......bought the childrens book "henny penny" and will be scheeming on how to put it on her wind shild of her suv with a note...GET THE POINT?.... and hope she does

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