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xJumperx 06-25-2012 05:04 PM

Need A New Avatar? Signature? Make Your Posts Pop With These Photo Edits!!
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Just what the title says :) I love photo editing, and can do all sorts of things. From collages to single photos, I can make easy-to-read avatars, and nice banner signatures :) I will be able to complete orders quickly when I get home, which shouldn't be too much longer. For now I will accumulate requests, and get a good line going. You can see my icon as an example, and here are a few more little things I can do -

Of course, it's all free :)

I have a few more examples if anyone is interested. Those are all pretty old, I am better now :p

nvr2many 06-25-2012 05:11 PM

Fun! I just lost all my photos in a computer crash, boo! Well except the ones I had on my phone. This makes me want to take more!

MidsummerFable 06-25-2012 08:43 PM

I used to do these! But it's been years and i'm too lazy to do them anymore haha.
Here's a few to choose from, you can mash them all together, or just use one with a saying, whatever you feel like, but my little address at the bottom of all my posts says it is lonely!

We like to joke that Ely and I were laughing at his owner's facebook pictures.

My QH Cinna

My friend's horse, Millionaire Max or just Max

A few of my baby, Cisco, KAK Midsummer Fable

Baylee, Hakuna Matata

I guess that's enough for you to choose from lol

xJumperx 06-25-2012 09:11 PM

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Thank You!! This is great :D I'll make you an icon and a siggy, you can use whatever you want, or nothing at all :) Just give me a bit of time to get these edited, then I'll post them here!

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