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DashAwayAll 08-06-2008 06:24 AM

Wednesday am
Cool this am and overcast again. Perfect french toast and coffee weather. powdered sugah or fresh maple syrup, your choice. Coffee and tea, of course. Non of that foo foo cafe latte sugar/melted ice cream with a splash of coffee stuff. This is real coffee. Get out a spoon and chisel it out of the pot! LOL.

It should be my day off, but I am covering for a dude today. Grrrrr, only day seven and I am getting cranky. Six more to go. << bangs head on desk>>

Beagles had a bath yesterday after their run. They were so soft and fluffy last night. :D I love that. Best thing my itty bitty brain every came up with is getting them used to a bath at a very young age.( they average about once a week.) All I have to do now is point at the bathroom door and they hop in the tub. Though, in this hot weather I think they get filthy on purpose.....

Have a good one everybody.

SonnyWimps 08-06-2008 08:13 AM

overcast and icky today as well. Will be going to the barn as long as the weather holds up.

It's REALLY muggy and humid today so much that it almost seems like the air is too thick to breath. It rained for a while last night, and will probably continue to do so throughout the day.

Work at 3 pm which I'm not looking forward to at all...then going to bed early so I can get up to the barn at maybe 8 am tomorrow.
Forcast says it ain't going to rain, but all the weather people don't know what they are talking about lol.

No breakfast for me today...just Sonny...and maybe stopping to get Doughnuts afterwards but I highly doubt that since I'm not a huge doughnut fan

3neighs 08-06-2008 08:52 AM

Send some of that rain my way, Sonny, we need some more! I rode my bike last night instead of Stella. Wasn't nearly as much fun, but...was necessary. Sorry, Dash, I'm going to pass on the french toast and go make some oatmeal.

farmpony84 08-06-2008 09:50 AM

mmmm... french toast, yummy... we have fleas in our yard again, hoping for rain to make the diazenon (or however you spell that) do it's thing. Fleas are nasty... NASTY!

DashAwayAll 08-06-2008 10:11 AM

Farmpony, get yourself some birdies. Guineas especially. They'll eat your fleas and ticks for ya. My vet even recommended them if you have a tick problem.

farmpony84 08-06-2008 10:16 AM

and turn them loose? Do you think my dog would eat them?

Moxie 08-06-2008 10:52 AM

Yes, Im sure he will. You'll just have to beat him. haha

It's gunna be a nice day to play on the water park I got! woohoo!

:evil: I have family coming over today.. We'll see how well that goes.

Gaited07 08-06-2008 11:05 AM


Dash, I'll take the real coffe with one chissle Please! :wink:

Finally today is my Friday, WHOO HOOO!<Crazy adult doing CRAZY HAPPY DANCE :P >

Have to run kids all over the place this morning and then rush home and flash dance into working clothes for jerk, oh I mean work!

We are suppose to have rain (40% chance) for the next few days. I really hope that it does rain, I would be the only idiot out there riding in the rain. (barring lightening, tornado's and etc. national disasters)

Have a great day everyone and PRAY FOR RAIN (for us Please!)

rums_mom 08-06-2008 11:49 AM

Good morning, it is still morning....15 min to noon EST. That coffee sure was good, Dash. Hubby must have been half asleep when he made the coffee last night, he forgot to put the basket for the grounds in. What a feakin' mess, took me 15 minutes at least to clean it up and to start a new pot. Almost made me late for work.

Started out nice and cool and cloudy this morning but by time I was heade out the door it was already getting hot and humid. What do you expect for NC in August? Supposed to cool off for the weekend, at least we are getting regular rain showers but it sure doesn't cool things off. It is awful when it rains and all it does it makes it more humid.

Going home for lunch to eat some cheesecake with blackberry sauce that hubby brought home for me last night, I was already in sleepy sleepy land by time he got in. Not even cheesecake would get me out of bed. LOL.

Think I might go on eBay and find some pink tack. :roll:

PoptartShop 08-06-2008 11:56 AM

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Hi everyone! :) Ah, I'm super excited because I'm going on a nice trail later with some friends from riding lessons! Gonna ride AJ...hehe, he's very good with trails. I can't wait to go through water.
I might bring my camera, but then again I don't want to risk it getting wet (it is a nice Canon). Grrr! I'll have to see. I'd like to take some pictures. I could just bring my old one, but it takes bad quality ones. :(

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