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horsegirlxx 06-25-2012 08:03 PM

horse movies
Just wanted to make a thread about horse movies,
- what horse movies do you like and why ??
- what horse movies do you not like and why ??
I wanted to get an idea on good horse movies
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EvilHorseOfDoom 06-27-2012 05:10 AM

Love watching Black Beauty (1994), have it on VHS (I know!) and watch it again and again and again. I loved Seabiscuit too. I also own Phar Lap and The Black Stallion (good movie, put so many silly ideas in peoples' heads though...). But I'm always a bit anxious about the treatment of horses in the film industry, do a lot of checking up before I watch a film.

SoldOnGaited 06-27-2012 04:03 PM

I've been watching all kinds of horse movies lately. One of my new faves is Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperer. I also really enjoyed The Silver Brumby/Stallion, Into the West, all of the Black Stallion films and of course BUCK. I know there are a few others I'm missing...not coming to mind atm.

Maple 06-27-2012 05:09 PM

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Do you classify Hildago as a horse film??? I LOVED that horse.

I enjoyed Seabiscuit far more than Secretariat. I found I "felt" the the acting in Seabiscuit better... it felt more real. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with Secretariat, I did like it but didn't get the same "oomph" as I did Seabiscuit.

Loved The HOrse Whisperer, Phar Lap, Black Beauty and the Black stallion. Found Flicka to be a bit boring.

Poseidon 06-27-2012 05:11 PM

Spirittttt! :lol: I love Spirit.

I liked Seabiscuit until I read the book that the movie was based on and couldn't watch it afterwards. The book is amazing and very detailed (which also means pretty graphic)

tempest 06-27-2012 05:25 PM

I've watched Hidalgo, Spirit, The Black Stallion (VHS), the Seabiscuit documentary, Flicka (the new one), Black Beauty, Dreamer, and Secretariat.

I really enjoyed Spirit, Hidalgo, and Secretariat.

I know you mentioned movies only but I've also read the book Seabiscuit, My Friend Flicka, Dreamer, Brumby the Wild White Stallion, the Thoroughbred Series, War Horse, the Misty of Chincoteague series, and Black Beauty just to name a few of the bigger ones.

I feel that a lot of the times the books are better than the movies. More detailed, leaves a lot more to the imagination.

katbalu 06-27-2012 05:28 PM

Favorite movie EVER - National Velvet!
I swear I watched it a million times when I was a kid
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Maple 06-27-2012 05:36 PM

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Originally Posted by katbalu (Post 1569529)
Favorite movie EVER - National Velvet!
I swear I watched it a million times when I was a kid
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Flippin heck!! How did I leave out International Velvet!! I'm beyond embarassed :oops:

And as everybody has said, the books are a million times better than the movies. My mom bought me the Seabiscuit book as a going away present/time killer for my flight to Ireland and I didn't stop reading it the whole way over. So much detail that I felt like I was there. The same was with the Horse Whisperer.. I saw it in the cinema after reading the book and I was in tears :oops: before the accident happened as my brain had a vision of what was happening already.

uflrh9y 07-04-2012 07:57 AM

Sylvester with the late great Richard Farnsworth and Melissa Gilbert.

It's hard to find but IMO it is the best horse movie of all time. National Velvet and Black Stallion come in close second.

strawberry paint 07-06-2012 01:00 AM

Hildalgo is one of my favorites. I love the part when he overtakes the two racing horses. The music and roar of the hooves just gets me going. Of course, it eventually drives my husband nuts when I constantly rewind the horse race over and over again.
Snow River 1 and 2 are great as well. If I could have a trail horse....he would be it.
Sea Biscuit is another great horse movie. I love it when that little guy overtakes the big 18 hh thoroughbred ( I can't remember the horse's name).
It sure talks about the heart of the horse...not the size.
We have the 'Silver Brumby'. I found the music to be quite enchanting, and how they trained those horses to act like they were wild is beyond me.
I love the big dapple grey stallion....he just has the 'majestic' appeal to him. I always imagine myself riding him, especially when he gallops through the creeks.
I like to get the 'War Horse' and 'Secretariat'. They'll be my future dvd's when I get the chance.

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