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CLaPorte432 06-25-2012 11:22 PM

Dont know what to do...
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Ive been leasing a mare for the 2012 show season.

The owner, is a 24 year old, pain in the butt. He treats his mom like crap, has 3 horses and doesnt pay a dime for them.

He has...
Horse #1, 16 y/o QH/Morgan, 1D barrel/pole mare. His mom bred this mare, picked out the sire/dam and raised her. She gave her to her son a few years ago. He barely does anything with her.

Horse #2, 8 year old grulla QH stallion. Trail rides, but thats about it. Has been shown but not patterned well enough to know what hes doing.

Horse #3, 4 year old Appendix QH. Superb race lines. Super potential.

Hes selling all of them. I was supposed to have the lease mare until October. But he wants them all gone and to get out of town. I think hes being horribly selfish about Horse #1. I feel he should give her back to his mom (i know he wont) She bred her, raised her, trained her and this is how he repays her...?

Ive talked about buying Horse # 3 for a few months. He said he wanted $3000 for her. I said i couldnt do that. She has minimal training. I said $2000 would be better. He said ok. I said id talk with my parents and get back to him with a final answer.

He wants me to take all 3. I laughed and said no way. I cant have that many horses. He trusts me, and wants them to go to a good home but i cant afford it. I definitely dont want the stallion. But i almost feel obligated to take Horse # 1. I know hes making a mistake in selling her. I know hell regret it, so if i bought her, hed know shes safe and treated good. But...shes 16, she cant run forever. And i like her alot, but i dont love, love her. You know?

Id love to take the 2 mares, but i have Chillys baby due in March, and i just cant do it.

I know im being selfish because the 4 year old has this awesome pedigree and is young and has great potential. I feel obligated to take the 16 year old. I dont want her to end up in the wrong hands. I feel like i owe this kids mother that. She doesnt deserve to go through this.

I am very saddened by this news and am in shock. He is doing this to hurt his mom, to get back at her. I know hes screwing up, i know hell regret it. I told him he needs to keep Horse # 1, he says hes heartbroken but he cant. He has to leave.

I dont know what i expect any of you to say...i just felt like ranting i suppose.
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DancingArabian 06-25-2012 11:29 PM

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Can you have a private word with his mother and get her to take horse 1? Then make a deal with him for the two mares and pass on the older mare to the mother as per the agreement you already had with her.
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CLaPorte432 06-25-2012 11:33 PM

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Thats a really good idea DA. I honestly have not even gotten a chance to chat with her yet. So i dont know her feelings on the whole thing yet.

My mom took her out for drinks and told her the news. This kid posted on FB about selling the horses before he even told his mom what he decided. How dispicable is that? My mom had to tell her...
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BarrelWannabe 06-26-2012 12:06 AM

Wow, that's just horrible! How can someone treat their own mother like that?!

I agree with DA, sit down with her and make a deal. Get it in writing, etc., etc., etc.
Give her the chance to get the mare back. I'm sure she would love to have the opportunity to get her back.

Best of luck, let us know how it goes! :)
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