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HorseOfCourse 06-27-2012 10:29 AM

11 year old miniature gelding critique
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This is Comet, aka Lutes Noble Tradition. What do you guys think?

His pedigree:
Lutes Noble Tradition Miniature

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Attachment 104121

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Attachment 104124

And just because we're pretty cute..
Attachment 104125

Kayella 06-27-2012 10:43 AM

He's buck kneed, which is scary. He's got a giant shoulder, which isn't a good thing, and his neck ties in really low. He toes out both in the fore and the hind. He has a long coupling, which makes for a weak back. He's butt high with a bit of a steep croup, and looks camped out in the back.

Elana 06-27-2012 01:07 PM

This is a horse that exhibits what you get when you selectively breed for a single trait to create a breed of animal. In this case the selection criteria was size, and the result is an animal that has some serious dysfunctions.

The little guy is very pretty marked, but his head is too large for the rest of him. His neck ties in too low and there is no definition to his chest. He has a nice short back and a well rounded rump which carry into a set of hind legs that, while seemingly correct, are under stress from clubbed feet. His hocks appear to be capped, but I suspect that is the early stages of arthritis or contracted tendons behind, both common to this breed.

His shoulder is ok, but not well defined due to his oversized and low tied in neck. His front legs are seriously over at the knee and his legs extend down to front feet that are, again, somewhat clubbed. The knees are over it seems in part due to contracted tendons, which contribute to the clubbed front feet.

He is narrow chested and he toes out in front.

All that being said, he looks to be a wonderful pet with a good disposition and he is very pretty marked. Enjoy him!

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