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Dark Intentions 06-28-2012 12:35 PM

Jumping Cayden Mare
Hey guys, so, Cayden has been really good this past week. Her jumping is slowly becoming more consistent! My trainer says when people come by the cottage for a weekend get away and stuff, most of them point to my horse and saying how cute/pretty/athletic Cayden looks. Which for me, means a lot to me, like you have no idea. A couple days ago these two girls my age where coming back from an three day eventing thing in OR, and when there way back to CA, there trailer broke down and so the BO came and rescue there two horses. Anyways, two days ago I was riding with them and stuff, and they said they really liked Cayden, so that me super happy. Anyways, yesterday I jumped Cayden 18"-2ft for the first time ever! She was so good about it, no refusals.<3 I couldn't be any more proud of her. We where suppose to go to a schooling show this weekend. But the BO got this awesome offer to go on a small family trip to this one place for this weekend only, and so she can't trailer me to show anymore, but honestly I'm kinda fine with that, I mean, my BO rarely gets any relaxing time, esp with family, so I'm really happy she is going. So my next show is in August, and that gives me a lot of time to prepare and stuff, so yeah. Please ignore my crappy EQ please and focus on Cayden's cuteness.;] Oh, and if you want to put you're opinions on what coloring she is, that would be awesome. She really confuses me, lol, I mean, her coat color is like of a dark liver chestnut, but she a black mane and tail, but the top of her tail has this chestnut/orangey color, so I don't know, I was thinking seal brown?
^^Sorry for odd cropping, I only did that because there was this dumb car in the way.>.<
^^My head was blocking out the sun, lol, I think it's rather pretty.:3

more in the next post

Dark Intentions 06-28-2012 12:37 PM
^^^I LOVE this one.

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