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Ambrose 06-28-2012 02:01 PM

~*~ Opinions on horse pads & cinches for western riding~*~
I thought I would start a thread about what is the best choice of cinches & pads. and then the ones to stay away from.

Difference between the neoprene & mohair and any others they make

Difference between the wool and felt and any others

How many layers you use for the smaller pads or do you just use the regular saddle blanket.. Why and why not?

Thanks! :D

Ambrose 06-28-2012 08:28 PM

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From Weaver Leather
Having the capability to mold airflow channels into a special blend of closed cell foam is what sets this cinch apart from all the rest. The foam used in the AirFlex Cinch is totally different and far superior, compared to any other types of foam or rubber material used in other cinches. They have developed a foam that provides a soft soothing feel, excellent cushion and long lasting durability. This foam will not absorb sweat or carry bacteria and is very easy to clean. The molded channels permit this cinch to breath, creating just enough moisture to keep your horse from galling or irritation, unlike neoprene cinches which seal off the skin producing more heat and moisture than is necessary. The design of the molded channels provides excellent flexibility allowing this cinch to conform against the horse without bunching or pinching offering a personalized fit that cannot be replicated with the conventional materials used today.

super easy to clean,does well in creeks, dirt, long day rides, helps with the heat

Squeaks as the horse sweats and gets worse the more he sweats.. Some dont mind it others do.

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