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The Northwest Cowgirl 06-29-2012 01:22 AM

Gay Rights
A friend of mine put it her facebook, and I agree. I hope I put this in the right place:P

**Please no rude comments please.**
I respect your opinion and you are free to share it, but I will not respect you if your rude about it. I did not post this on here to have people argue about it. I just liked it and wanted to share.

And just for the record, I am not gay or lesbian, but I do have friends that are though. I think that they should be able to love whoever they want, it's their choice.

"Yes, please boycott Oreo for their support of Gay Rights. We’ll all appreciate you going on a diet. While you’re at it, please also throw away your iPod, iPhone, and iPad since Apple supports as well. Hopefully you have lots of clothes, because you’ll need to ditch your Levi’s and Nike’s too. Perhaps you bought them at ... JC Penney’s or Sears? Sucks you’ll have to take them back … or actually, anything you wear from anywhere probably had a gay involved. Flying somewhere soon? Better not be on American, Delta, Southwest, or United…you’ll need a new ticket. Airline wasn’t mentioned? Just be sure your jet isn’t Boeing made. Don’t sleep at Marriott or Hilton (or any of their family brands) because you might catch the gay they support. That morning coffee from Starbucks will have to go as well, go ahead and replace it with a McCafe…oh wait, McDonald’s supports gay rights too. Hmm, do you clean with Tide, Gain, or Bounty? Use Duracell batteries, shave with Gillette, or use Fixodent? Brush with Crest, use Pantene, Scope, Tampax, Venus, or Old Spice products? Those are all gone too, stupid Proctor & Gamble supporting the gays. ****, you’re using Internet Explorer or Chrome to see Facebook and read this status? Download something else, Microsoft and Google show their Pride as well. Ah, but your drinks are safe. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Budweiser are on your side … if your side is on the right side of history since all three also support Gay Rights. Hopefully, you or your lawyer will never need in-depth research. Both LexisNexis and Westlaw, who together control the market, support Gay Rights. Drive that big, manly, Ford F350? It’s a "Friend of Dorothy" too, as it’s company Ford and General Motors also support the rights of all. So, do us all a favor, don’t take it all out on a festive cookie … just stay home and boycott everything."

SorrelHorse 06-29-2012 01:26 AM

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mousemom 06-29-2012 01:43 AM

I am thanks for the support.

BarrelracingArabian 06-29-2012 01:53 AM

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The Northwest Cowgirl 06-29-2012 01:59 AM


Originally Posted by mousemom (Post 1572062)
I am thanks for the support.


VT Trail Trotters 06-29-2012 02:06 AM

Trying to word this correctly...

Love is blind. If you love someone, you truly love them it doesnt matter what gender they are, if there the same or opposite! Just because you may not like something doesnt mean you need to get all up tight about it like people do with homosexuality, I have no problem at all with it. You should be able to love and be with whom ever you want to be! I really dont see whats wrong with it, im not gay, i know gay people and truthfully there pretty cool and funny. I forgot where im going with this but yeah, love is blind to everything. LOVE who ever want to love!

The Northwest Cowgirl 06-29-2012 02:38 AM

^^ VT trail!
Exactly how I feel!
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Icrazyaboutu 06-29-2012 02:45 AM

I REALLY hate when people say that being part of the LGBT group is a sin. I' straight and all, but I just don't think that these people should claim to know what is good for every single person on the planet. Anytime gay people come up in a conversation between one of my and my super religious friends I always tell them "It's not your place to judge. Leave it up to God" and it tends to shut them up.
But yay for supporting them! Your friend's status is awesome, I saw something kind of like it a few hours ago on

EvilHorseOfDoom 06-29-2012 03:58 AM

I'm bi (I see myself as 60% attracted to men, 40% attracted to women but this shifts around a bit) and, while I don't really believe in the institution of marriage (I don't think that a ring and a wedding makes any difference to how much you love someone, and for me that's all that matters in the end), if we do have marriages in society and they are seen as a legally binding contract (and have various incentives that go with them) then everyone should have the right to marry who they want. I lived in a house with four to five gay guys for years, some of them wanted to get married, some of them didn't. But those who do should be allowed to have a choice, and display their love in the form of a wedding if they choose.

I bred budgerigars for years. Two of them were exclusively male attracted - put them in separate cages with a female companion each for breeding purposes and they'd "make eyes" through the bars at one another. So we put them back together among the non-breeders and they got together and did their business with regularity (male/male and male/female intercourse not actually different for birds, they have a cloaca - one bit does it all). The other birds were fine with that, why can't we all be fine with it? Certainly would help the population problem.

FlyGap 06-29-2012 04:01 AM

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Well, when you are talking about companies supporting on average only 3.5% of the adult US population and what they do in the bedroom and their rights, it's a little offensive.

I won't buy a kraft product again, nor any of the others. The internet/Apple are about the only ones I'll use. McDonalds should be boycotted just for the fact that they use disgusting antibiotic and hormone riddled meat, plastics from Proctor & Gamble and several other companies are poisoning our oceans and killing innocent animals, Tide and the rest of the cleaning product providers are using chemicals that are known carcinogens that are poisoning our children, I try and buy vintage or made in the USA clothing when I can, Wal-Mart is a last resort and I'll never shop Sears or JcPennies because they all capitalize on children and the impoverished in third world countries... Those practices are extremely offensive yet you don't see more people boycotting those, are you? At least there are SOME things people will stand up for.

I have several homosexual friends that don't outwardly parade their sexual preference or base their relationships by a piece of paper that the majority of the people in this country hold sacred. I'd prefer that cookies stay out of it. I won't stay at home but I will stick to the woods.

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