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Ashleysmardigrasgirl 06-30-2012 03:00 AM

18month filly high colic risk... advice? [help?!]
I recently aquired a filly as an engagement present from my fiance who's my dream filly. Shes a registered Gypsy vanner who's going to be tall but, as she stands now is merely a pony. Howver, due to the recent heat waves hitting the western united states i fear for her heavy feathering/fur. ontop of this on sunday she underwent an extremely long time in a trailer in very hot temperatures (100-112 approximately 10hrs) :-(. I know these conditions are terrible for a horse but I really had no other option. She had more than adequate ventilation (was dry the entire time), plenty of grass feed, and was offered water and had water in her two horse trailer she had access to. During her trip she was also allowed to move freely within the trailer with the middle partition taken out and the two quarter panels removed. After taing herout of the trailer she seemed in very good condition but still refused to drink (didn't suprise me) so I made a bran mash (1 can bran, salt, electrolytes, water). To date she's been good and I've been monitoring her water intake but she seems slow to take in water. I'm concerned though because many horses at my barn have been suffering from heat related complications and i've been noticing diarrhea. So today I started her on the same bran mash mixed in with her grain (yearling formula with biotin [hoof supplement since shes got draft feet]) and I plan to do this twice a week because I don't want to aggrivate her diarrhea however I also am planning on feeding her a yougurt with her grain tomorrow to help clear up the dirrhea however I'm unsure on how often/long to do this for if anyone has any suggestions on this that would be helpful.

DimSum 06-30-2012 07:10 AM

The loose stools could also be related to the change of location and stress, it sounds like you are managing that pretty well.

I know it's a bummer to have to think about doing, but we had to shave our Friesian cross gelding's feathers and excess hair in order for him to be more comfortable in the heat wave we are having and might be an option for you to think about. The hair grows back :) fortunately.

DimSum 06-30-2012 07:11 AM

Oh...and what an awesome engagement present Congrats!

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 06-30-2012 01:03 PM

The one thing going for her is that where the sun hits her shes white but when I was watching her last night I thought about shearing her feathers but for one I don't think merely shedding her feathers would be enough... She's got a double mane and worlds thickest tail plus approx three inches of hair hanging off of her chin, belly, butt, etc lol. So I'm thinking I might bust out my clippers today and see if I can't start off by clipping her belly and gentle her towards letting me do her chin the give her a full body clip and I think that might help her out a bit. She's in a stall with run all day then towards the evening time usually after five I come and try to turn her out in pasture for a half our/hour then work with her in the round pen.

She seems to be in good sorts as she is now do you think it would be worth filling her 20qt bucket with water and gatorade just so she has access to it?

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 06-30-2012 01:15 PM

Oh and thanks :) she's the horse I've always dreamed about but never thought I'd actually have. Plus where I have her right now (temporary until the 7th) people either love or loath her. She busted through a fence when a family friend tried to introduce her to the other horses because originally I wanted to put her to pasture since she's so young. Plus she's a white horse so people keep giving me the "haha, white horse dilemma" which doesn't really bother me so it's mostly just annoying... I hate the social barns but our friend I know knows a lot more about horses than I do. I can't wait until we move to our new home though and she'll be able to be turned out into a larger area and I won't be badgered for owning her lol... What can I say who doesn't want a princess pony right?

BarrelracingArabian 06-30-2012 01:17 PM

You can braid her mane to keep her a bit cooler a runninh braid or just simple sections would work.
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loosie 07-02-2012 02:59 AM

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engagement present from my fiance who's my dream filly.
That's a lovely way of describing her... & she deserves it too obviously, buying you a gypsy horse!! ;-)

I'm not sure with the thread title, exactly what you're concerned about, given the trailer trip was 2 days ago(?), so I don't think you have to worry about future effects of that. If she's off her feed or water or otherwise acting disturbed, safer to call the vet perhaps. If it's just that she's got loose stools(loose or actual diarrhoea?) & doesn't drink much, I'd keep an eye on her & look for an answer to the poos, but not stress.

Bran. Depends what you're feeding it for & why, but if it's wheatbran it can be a problem if fed regularly, mostly due to Ca/Phos ratio. Grain. What grain does she get & why? As above, it depends, but can have good, bad or negligable effects. A healthy, low starch, high roughage diet, nutritional supplement to balance nutrition and healthy feeding management(eg little & often, free choice hay..) will help her gut to become healthy & not 'prone' to colic. Probiotics - yoghurt - is a good measure too IMO. Depending on the situation/feed/problem they can be fed ongoing, or fed to aid the gut to get over something.

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