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Jewelsb 06-30-2012 05:36 PM

Pregnant mare stocking up?
She has just one hind swollen ankle. I'm wondering if this is really her stalking up or if she may have something else going on like an abcess?
We got her shoes pulled two weeks ago. When they were pulled she instantly became sore, painful to walk on all four and her hind ankles both swelled up. The second week all the swelling went down but her right hind still had swelling. Now were on the third week and that same right ankle is still swelled up. I had a vet out who said he didn't know but thought it was stocking up from pregnancy and from her shoes being pulled, but he barely touched her. Didn't make her walk nothing. He didn't even use hoof testers to see if there was an abcess. Any ideas?
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Jewelsb 06-30-2012 06:16 PM

Skyebird03 06-30-2012 06:23 PM

Are you keeping her stalled or does she get turned out?

Jewelsb 06-30-2012 06:28 PM

She's stalled but has 7hours of turnout a day
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Skyebird03 06-30-2012 07:10 PM

we used to have an Arabian mare and she would swell in all four legs while stalled. It was worse when she was pregnant, no matter how far along she was. It go to a point when she was pregnant we just kept her turned out in the barn lot all the time unless the weather was bad. Does your mares swelling go down when she is turned out?

Jewelsb 06-30-2012 08:44 PM

Yeah originally after her shoes were pulled and she was all sore and swollen in the hind end we turned her out in the indoor riding arena and the swelling all went away except for the little bit that was left in this hind ankle.
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Skyebird03 07-01-2012 01:18 AM

Well I would say if it is just that one ankle that she may have something else going on there. Keep a close eye on it for sure. I dont know what type of stuff you can use on her or give her that is safe for her while in foal. If it persists for long then I would find a different vet to come look at it.

Edit: sorry i'm not much help :(

Jewelsb 07-01-2012 11:52 AM

Yeah I'm having her shore come look tomorrow. Hopefully he can give some insight. If it persists I will have to call a better vet out. She's now limping on her front left. I also just found out she has not been getting turned out lately so I'm sure that isn't doing her any favors. Before I got her she was living in a 26 acre pasture pretty much her entire life.
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Skyebird03 07-01-2012 03:35 PM

Hopefully the lack of turnout is the problem although I would think she would have it in all four or atleast more then one. Our arab would swell more in her backs then her front but it was noticeable in all four.

Palomine 07-01-2012 03:43 PM

Has she had injury at any point to this leg? You can end up with cellulitis in a leg, if there has been a wound, even though it has healed. Doesn't have to be large wound either. Just means infection is present, and needs to be treated with antibiotics.

Leg will swell, and usually will work down with exercise, but will be swollen again, may or may not notice heat, but horse will be stiff in that leg until swelling goes down.

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