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Bribrigirl111 06-30-2012 08:50 PM

Possibly getting a welsh pony, need more opinons
I work at a feed store and I've been around horses for awhile. I basically take care of my bosses 4 horses, I'm working on ground work with her only gelding and one of her TB mares. They've been doing really good and are starting to respect me. I did take english lessons for about 2 years when I was younger and then I had a freak accident, and I stopped riding for about 2 years. About a year and a half ago I started riding again. I took a few english lessons, just to touch up on my overall riding - I don't want to compete or anything, or at least not at this time. I started volunteering at a horse rescue and the president of the resuce, said that she thinks I'm ready to take lessons with the trainer to train horses, i've been kind of nervous about this idk if I am really ready, but the trainer said I am and that I'll do fine. They said I can pick any horse from the resuce to train myself (with help from the trainer there) then evenually buy with a donation of $250.00. And yes it sounds like a nice deal but I really fell in love with my bosses gelding and my boss is going to let me have him when I get settled into my new home on 8 acres. (we're still trying to sell a house).

Well anyways, sorry for ranting, just letting you know my experience - my boss called me and said she had to go look at this welsh pony for a friend of hers that wanted one for her young daughter. My boss said she went to go look at the pony and it was 11.2h, mare, almost all skin and bones, and was on a pasture of just dirt, no grass at all. No shade, nothing. Just a dirt pasture with a small water trough and feed bucket. The women who owns the pony has 2 horses she uses for barrel racing and because money is very tight, she cannot afford to pay for next months board for the pony, and couldn't afford to get it's feet done last week. She can hardly afford it's feed. She was in tears because she got the pony for her daughter who is 5, but when she got it, it was in worse condition and was only green broke, they've had it for 2 months. Her 16 year old daughter has been working with it and said that she walked her all over town, so she no longer gets spooked by cars. She said when they got her there were chickens, dogs,cat, monkeys, and other horses at the property and she has never been spooked by other animals. She said she does well on cross-ties, and lets you bathe her and do her feet easily. She said she's never had a bit in her mouth, and has been ridden by her and a lot of her friends but only in the roundpen. She said she did pony her younger sister all over on her. And she is used to having a saddle on. She said that she free lunges well for her, but she said that her mom is afraid to free lunge her and she acts up to her mom because her mom lets her get away with things that she shouldn't. She said it's between 3-6 years old. The last owner was not sure. She had all the coggins and paperwork.

She said overall that the horse is not completely broke and needs attention and work. She said they would not be selling it if they could afford her, and they said if someone does not take her by the 1st she is going to the auction :-(. The owners said that I can do a 30 day trial, and if it doesn't work out I can bring her back to them.

Well, my boss thinks I should get this pony for my sisters and that I am able to train this pony. I am kind of nervous though. I do work with her horses, and I am really good with groundwork but they are a lot older and they had training before, maybe years ago but they already had it. They just have been sitting out in a pasture for so long, they kind of lost it.

So my boss is friends with owner of the barn they are boarding at. So we talked to her. She is a professional barrel racer, trainer, and breaks horses all the time. She said that it is a very sweet pony and that all it needs is work. She said that she'd do it, but she's not doing it for nothing, she doesn't have time. (She full boards 28 horses, trains, and does lessons). I guess she thought my boss was taking it, and said "do you really have time to work with another horse???" and my boss said no, she is going to take it. I have met this trainer before in the store and my boss told her about how I help with her horses. She said that if it's me doing it, i'll have no problem. She said "all it is work. Work. you can do it, I promise, she's an easy pony. I watch the girls working with her all the time, you'll have no problem. And if you ever need help, feel free to call me."

I'm just not sure what to do. I saw the pony but haven't handled it yet. We are going to see it again tomorrow, I'm going to really check her out. The trainer gave them 2 more days to keep the pony there so I have time to decide. If I do even consider getting it, I will for sure do the trail period, but even doing the trial.. I'm kind of nervous, I want the pony. I feel like I have a chance to try and see if I can handle it but again.. I'm just not sure. I don't feel like I have enough experience to do this, but everyone is telling me I'll be okay and that if it doesn't work out, I can bring her back to the owners.

I'm sorry for the long post, I just really need opinons, what would you do? What do you think? I'm almost 16.

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