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LadyNeigh 07-03-2012 04:23 AM

Anyone know about horses in WW2??
Hey guys,
I'm doing a history project and I'd like to know any information about horses in World War 2, be that fighting, at home or where else. Any info from around the world, the title of the whole thing is 'Horses in the war worldwide'

Absolutely anything. Tack used, what they ate, jobs they did, ANYTHING!!! Please state which country this info came from

Thank you =D

Lakotababii 07-03-2012 01:28 PM

My husband is huge into ww2 history, with reenactment and things. There are people who actually do ww2 reenacting with their horses, especially on the German end of things. The Germans seem to be the ones that used them.

I'm not sure if my hubby would know about the horses personally, but I know he knows people who have the saddles they used and such.

One thing I do know, they did not use horses of color in the war (such as palominos or the like). They did, however, use duns on occasion. One of the re-enactors told me this since he was riding a dun. Mostly they were black, sorrel, or bay.

If you want I will ask my husband and I can PM you.

Shropshirerosie 07-03-2012 02:55 PM

If you could shift your project to WWI there were a lot more horses involved at home and on the battlefields then.

By WWII their role both in agriculture and transport had massively diminished and there wasn't really a place (thank god) for them on the battlefields either.

If you are stuck on WWII, then I would have thought the Eastern front would be the place to look - siege of Stalingrad, starvation of millions etc etc. Not a cheery subject though.... :(

jinxremoving 07-04-2012 12:55 PM

<edit - nevermind, misread the initial question>

Kayty 07-05-2012 12:21 AM

Have a look at the Australian Light Horse brigade. Horses were a HUGE section in Australia's part in the war.

Joe4d 07-05-2012 07:04 AM

Polish cavalry mounted a combat horse cavalry charge.............
Against German tanks... Didnt work so well

Actually scroll down on this page pretty good WWII horse info.
Cavalry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

northwesten 07-05-2012 08:07 AM

Oooo to bad it's not WW1 stuff because I can give you a major boat load of information on Army horses with Artillery guns etc. (My old regiment is mounted known as King's Troop RHA today)

I use to be in the British Army.

possumhollow 07-05-2012 09:45 AM

My step grandfather was in the US Calvary in WWII. He would never talk much about it other than the horses had jobs and they knew them.

I asked once when I was a little girl why he didn't bring his horse home. The answer devastated me then, but I can understand it now. The horses were shot or otherwise put down. They were trained for war, not fit to pull a plow or be a mount for a civilian. The horses were then given to the civilians to be used as meat.

LadyNeigh 07-05-2012 03:07 PM

this is great guys thanks =D

yeah im stuck on WWII but thanks to you its not so much of a struggle!!

Lakotababii- i will be talking to you a lot soon =P

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