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spoiledrottenpenner 03-26-2007 03:24 PM

2 year old taking it to the next level
i have a 2 year old stud that is working the round pen very well with a saddle and bit. i want some more challenges for him with out riding him. i think 2 is to early to ride there bones are not ready for it but i need tips taking it to the next level. i want him to become a cow working horse so if you have any tips about that it would be great thanx. also if you need more info to answer this question just ask and i will tell. :D that's my baby.

pantha1 03-26-2007 07:20 PM


Have an 18 month od filly, and I am always giving her new challenges.
Does your horse lunge really well, in all gaits, with his head lowered,
teach him how to lower his head with the halter, hold the lead rope and apply little pressure in a downward motion, if he drops his head, stop pressure and praise, if not apply more pressure until he does. continue doing this over time (may take days or weeks) until his head almost reach's the ground.

He is going to go out into this big world, so have you shown him items that may scare him,
can you groom from ontop of a fence so you are higher than him,
is he good with traffic, cars trucks etc,
plastic bags, (rub it all over him including his head)
boxes that move, (use string or rope to pull in along)
lunge outside the round yard without a problem, and with other horses working close to him,
does he follow you around a paddock, (without a lead rope attached to him)
can he back, go sideways when you ask him,
walked him over a piece of wood on the ground, like a door,
walk in between things, ( you could use two crates standing up) and tie items to the crate that may frighten him
walk through water when you ask him,
can you crack a stock whip near him without a problem.
have you used long reins on him yet. (so you are moving him forward from behind)
these are some of the thing I do with young horses, because they may have to face it when they are out riding.

good luck, if I can help you further don't hesitate to ask.

crackrider 03-27-2007 06:31 AM

Yeah, pantha's got the right idea.
You could also take him to a show, etc. You don't have to enter him in anything just walk him around and get him used to all the horses and noise.
Also perhaps if you run out of other more practical things to teach him you could look into teaching him some tricks like nodding and shaking his head on command to make it look like you can have conversations with him!

Desert Rat 03-28-2007 03:52 PM

Now is the time to teach him to give to pressure. There are three points I use on my young colts and this is best done from the ground. Useing your thumb hold steady pressure on his front shoulder till he takes a step sideways away from you. praise him then go to the hip. Repeat pressure with thumb till you get the same results. On the head and neck I use a rope haulter because they put more pressure on the poll. Take your lead rope between two fingers and pull straight down. when he drops his head some realese. before long you will be able to put his nose right down on the ground. If you want to make a roping horse out of him one of the most critical commands he must learn is back. This can be taucht the same way as getting him to lower his head except apply the pressure bakwards at the same time telling him to back.

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